Style ideas for pairing women’s western hats

Style ideas for pairing women’s western hats

Women western hats have been one of the trending fashion elements in today’s world. The major reasons being its effective assistance in cold and sunny weather and its ever-growing evolution in terms of fashion. This strong role in women’s styling and fashion has made women’s hats so popular in the current times. However, it is still not being used to its full potential due to a lack of adequate and relevant knowledge. Some people are still reluctant to the fact that a western hat can bring changes to your overall look. 

It is important to make more people aware of its potential in styling for more globalization. It is also important to publicize style ideas and hacks for pairing such hats with an outfit so that more people can be interested to try them out for themselves. Therefore, in this article, you will get to learn a number of style ideas and tips for pairing a western hat with your dresses/outfits perfectly. Following are a few criteria according to which you should pick your hat:

  • Hairstyle 

Womens western hats cannot be generalized and worn with every hairstyle possible. Each and every hat has its unique and common features when compared to other hats. Due to the uniqueness specific to each hat, one cannot wear it with all kinds of hairstyles. For example, if you want to sport a high ponytail, you cannot wear hats with full coverage such as fedoras, Panama, trilbies, floppy, bucket, gambler etc. The only options available are berets and baseball caps. On the other hand, keeping your hair down will open many options for you if you can keep your hair down. 

  • Shape of the face/physique

You should pay attention to the shape of your face, especially if you want to wear stiff or structured hats. Since such hats are not elastic in material, they cannot be adjusted with your face. One of the easy ways to make sure you pick the perfect hat according to face shape is to see if the width of the brim and height of the crown complements with your face shape. If you have an oval face shape, there are many options for you to try out. You can keep the options restricted to angular or structured ones with wide brims since they perfectly fit oval faces. You need to make sure the crown height is not too high for round or diamond-shaped faces, and the brim is not too stretched in width either. 

Your height and body structure also has a contribution behind hat selection. If you are tall in size, you can choose a hat that does not add more height; it should be head-hugging or low-crowned, in other words. Conversely, if you have a short height, go for high crowned hats. Try not to pick wide-brimmed hats because they will make you look shorter altogether. 

  • Skin complexion

Skin complexion also defines the way you look wearing a hat. Therefore, special attention should be given here. Since hats are closely associated with your face, you should determine the basal colour of your face (in case you have ununiformed skin complexion). The safest way here is to contrast the skin complexion, i.e., if you have a pale complexion, you should go with the darkest palette—black, blue, brown, etc. and vice-versa. Contrasting can never go wrong. Some people like to experiment with loud and bright colours too. While it may seem exciting, there are many factors that need to be decided. For instance, your outfit colour, complexion and hat colour—all should be within the same colour family. You can check out the details on colour family online.

  • Head size

Similar to your face shape, head size matters a lot. Because nobody looks good in a disproportionate hat. This is very easy to check. You need to assess the size of your head in general terms—whether it is big or small. A big head will complement a big hat and a small head will be suitable for a small hat. 

Closing statement

Did you learn some useful style ideas and tips for trying out this summer? Women’s hats are one of the versatile styling elements we have in fashion. You can experiment with a hat beyond measures and invent different noble looks for yourself. The evolution of hats has led to the point where many actresses can be seen wearing unique and abstract forms of hats. Some hats are so designed that they can be worn in a tilted manner on one side of the head. They come in brilliant colour patterns and have diverse customizations with bows, ribbons and rhinestones. The bottom line is there is something for everyone; it all depends on what will suit you the most. Therefore, go out and try some of them based on the above-mentioned tips.