Politician Pravin Mali takes stance on equality, win people over with his progressive mindset

Politician Pravin Mali takes stance on equality, win people over with his progressive mindset

When it comes to gender inequality, there has been an unequal ratio for women compared to men. With time, the male-dominated society has transformed and there has been a transition where women have been getting equal rights as that of men. Very few tend to raise a voice, and one such name is Pravin Mali. The political leader based in Gujarat has very often taken a stand for gender equality on all the grounds. The issues of inequality like discrimination and prejudices have been happening for ages, but now things have changed.

Mali who is an icon for youth has been contributing towards the elimination of gender biases from the country. Besides working on education and employment for all, he is also putting his best foot forward in promoting women empowerment. Giving a classic example, Pravin explained how women have transformed themselves from being homemakers to CEO and director of corporate giants. According to him, women should be given all the rights and privileges like that of men. For him, equality comes above everything, and he has time and again proved it.

The political leader was a former mayor and corporator of Deesa Municipality, and is now a member of the advisory committee in Western Railways and the Gujarat Pradesh Mantri. However, the humanitarian has time and again expressed his rage about the violence and discrimination against women. According to Mali, nothing is above the dignity and independence of a woman. Furthermore, Mali stated that every individual on this planet is the creation of a woman. He strongly believes that women should be respected, dignified and loved rather than being abused on different levels.

Such noble thoughts is what makes Pravin Mali the inspiring figure for the youth. The leader has earlier led many other campaigns like youth empowerment, water conservation, energy conservation and improvement of sanitation facilities. His incredible work and contribution towards women empowerment and the betterment of India have made this young and energetic politician a true hero in everyone’s eyes. Bringing a difference by his work, Mali is setting an example for all the young minds of the country.

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