Pulse Wedding Planner Pvt. Ltd. By Sunny Sabharwal aces the art of celebrity management & entertainment quotient

Pulse Wedding Planner Pvt. Ltd. By Sunny Sabharwal aces the art of celebrity management & entertainment quotient

Weddings & Events are an amalgamation of traditions, fun & entertainment getting together. Entertainment is one of the most important part of any wedding to make it a success. With deep-rooted experience, Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal curates an everlasting experience. 

Celebrity Management is one of the USP of Pulse Events. Wide range of celebrities across the entertainment world are well connected to them. Pulse Events & Wedding has curated multiple star studded pre & post wedding events that are still trending over the internet. With outstanding experience & immaculately enterprising spirit, Sunny Sabharwal has created events which are synonymous with opulence & exceptional services.

Pulse Events’ profile showcases a tremendous entertainment quotient, that boasts of some of the topmost names from Bollywood, Indian TV and Music. With the majority of the top brass of society on their client list, they have been setting trends with every project they do.

‘Along with the delectable array of food & drinks and the whimsical decorations, you need power packed entertainment to keep your guests on their toes’, Says Sunny Sabharwal.

Indian Weddings are one of the grandest affairs celebrating the union of two souls & two families making merry, grooving around & of course, with loads of fun and jollity. Which is why couples & their families leave no stone unturned in making sure that their guests are treated and spoiled with everything class apart and the best.

Along with weddings, Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal also deals in celebrity brand endorsements for well known firms.

‘A power packed entertainment is not only having a celebrity amongst the guests. We also majorly focus on the detailing of the setup which plays a vital role in setting the ambience thus creating an impactful ambience for everyone to enjoy. We recently did an event wherein we time coded the lights to the beats of music. The entire gathering was awestruck and is trending till date. We are grateful & fortunate to receive such tremendous response which motivates us even more.’ Says Sunny Sabharwal.

The perseverance and single minded focus on making a wedding the most memorable affair of one’s life, has led Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal to achieve horizons of success.