Putpix platform Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP) achieved a major technological breakthrough

Putpix platform Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP) achieved a major technological breakthrough

In recent years, with the continuous development of blockchain technology, many countries in the world have become more and more aware of the importance of blockchain. More than 80,000 regions in more than 200 countries/regions around the world have issued policies to implement blockchain deployment; the establishment of blockchain industrial parks, however, the layout of blockchain in healthcare, sub-health sports and other fields only accounts for 3.6 %. Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP) related technologies involve shared sports, large-scale sports, large-scale sports events, sports equipment, sports venues, sports clothing, etc. At present, the smart wearable sports (SWSP) blockchain technology has achieved breakthroughs in key technologies of the ecological industry chain.

The announcement of this major technological breakthrough has attracted the attention of sports blockchain platform Globetalent and Turkish sports giant Trabzonspor. It is reported that a related technology cooperation agreement has been signed with Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP).

According to the Smart Sports Foundation of the United States, the current research team of the “Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP)” project has made major breakthroughs in the key technologies for the intelligent interconnection of individuals and devices. The previous partner (StarTrac) has implanted SWSP block technology into sporting goods, and equipped with bio-intelligent chips and equipment to connect people and things, thus realizing a comprehensive analysis of detailed exercise data during exercise. And collect fitness index during exercise. Better calculate a reasonable exercise plan. Provide the most suitable exercise and amount of exercise. Get SWSP rewards by using energy generated by SWSP technology related products in sports games. This technology will enable the concept of national sports to be truly realized and make related products implanted with SWSP technology more popular.

According to data provided by well-known sports industry analysis institutions. The cooperation with the sports blockchain platform Globetalent and the Turkish sports giant Trabzonspor will enable SWSP’s direct revenue to reach US$8 billion, and the market value of SWSP will exceed US$100 billion in the future.

Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP) breaks the traditional sports concept. More people will realize its value. Including those who never like sports.

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In order to better serve global users, Putpix upgraded its service in accordance with MSB regulatory requirements in October 2020, reviewed all digital currencies on the trading platform, eliminated some digital currencies that did not meet regulatory requirements, and launched other high-quality digital currencies. Smart Wearable Sports (SWSP) is also one of the high-quality digital currencies that have been screened. After years of development, Putpix has been recognized by most users. Putpix has received regulatory approval from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The US MSB (Money Service Business) license is a financial license issued and supervised by FinCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury). The main regulatory objects are enterprises and companies related to currency services. The query address is: https://www.fincen.gov