Rumour is one of the rising musical artists and geniuses from Brandywine

Rumour is one of the rising musical artists and geniuses from Brandywine

Out of all the people in his life, Rumour admires his girlfriend and makes a lot of effort into keeping her happy because her happiness corresponds to his own happiness too. A sweet and balanced man, Rumour knows the value of maintaining all aspects of life without missing out on things. No matter how busy or involved he is in the music industry or his professional office life, he will always find time to come back home and make an effort into keeping up with his hobbies and relationships. People love him for so many reasons, and during their personal time spent together, they always make a point to complicate his sense of humour. it is difficult to find people with a good sense of humour these days but Rumour is sure to keep you entertained throughout! A knowledgeable focused man with multiple talents, never failing to impress, one has many reasons to look up to Rumour. With strong ideals and morals, he wishes to achieve more and continues to work harder with each passing day to make sure his visions are made to come true.

Getting Stay Away on the radio and featured on 4 Billboard stations across the country were the biggest achievements Rumour had achieved in music. Rumour’s favourite artist is Blackbear, whose every single word is felt by him religiously. Rumour’s dream is to be an amazing father and husband and never stop creating music. Currently, Rumour works in DC where he keeps track of his department’s budget which includes invoicing, calendar events, email requests, anything to help out his co-workers and affiliates. He made a career for himself by going to college and graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science. Hence, he works for a union called AFSCME in their political action department. Rumour has achieved a lot of success, but at the cost of many failures as well. However, he is a positive personality who looks for happiness out of every situation. His goofy attitude towards life has always kept him calm minded and grounded in life which is an important trait for a person who has to spend a lot of time meeting different people. We are looking forward to his upcoming projects.

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