Quick tips for Covid recovery by Nutritionist Ruchi Sharma from Eat Fit Repeat

Quick tips for Covid recovery by Nutritionist Ruchi Sharma from Eat Fit Repeat

Coronavirus is a microbe that can take a toll on your health, immune and respiratory function. Even people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 should have to be really vigilant during the post infection stage as this nasty virus can trigger the symptoms of other health conditions. Your body may become weaker and less immune to other infections after having combated this dangerous virus for upto 2 weeks. It is natural to feel drained and dizzy after battling COVID-19.

So even if your body has fought off the virus, you still need to allow your body sometime to adapt and try to shower a little more love and care than ever before. Since you need to be a bit more cautious about what to do in the next few weeks after kicking the virus out of your body, here is a little guide to post COVID-19 care that can help one in so many aspects.


It is recommended to take enough rest or stay isolated for another 7 days even if you have recovered as studies have found that even if the symptoms disappear and you consider yourself to be completely recovered, still there’s a possibility that virus can linger in your body. Moreover, getting enough rest and sleep can help your body speed up the process of healing. So instead of resuming your normal lifestyle right away, give it some time to rest and heal!


Do stock up on good quality proteins. One of the reasons is that the disease fighting antibodies are mostly made up of proteins. Adequate intake of good quality proteins will act as your protective guard and it will help your body to ward off the virus and its side effects efficiently. You can simply add an egg in your breakfast and dinner to maintain your intake of proteins.


Good food is the best medicine if you have just beaten COVID-19 to revive your health. Nature has blessed us with a lot of fruits that have the best antioxidants that can help you recover swifty post the COVID-19 infection. No matter how effective the supplements are, they can never be the substitute for natural and organic foods. So it’s recommended to take at least 5 to 6 servings of fruits per day to kick that weakness caused by this nasty virus out of your body!


Vitamin C and Zinc have proved to be really effective in the recovery after COVID-19. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant that has been linked with its ability to limit inflammation and tissue damage by mounting the immune function. Along with this, Zinc helps fight infections and speeds up the process of healing. So just grab your vitamins if you have won the battle against COVID-19 to recover and rebuild your immunity!


It has been inciting panic in masses for a number of reasons that include its novelty and that it is highly contagious. The fear of COVID-19 is more dangerous than the virus itself which clearly affects the physical health and takes a toll on a person’s mental health as well. However they say, “Food makes the mood”, so a good nurturing home cooked food, sufficient intake of fruits and taking enough rest can help an individual deal with both mental and physical effects of COVID-19. So stay sane and don’t let this virus steal your mental peace! 

Please Note: Doctors know the best, please take advice before going on any particular diet plan. 

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