Rachid El Khabbachi: A Social Media influencer and a successful businessman

Rachid El Khabbachi: A Social Media influencer and a successful businessman

Dreaming and achieving big in life is not an easy task; it might seem easy, but it’s not impossible if you work hard to chase your dreams, then nothing is impossible. In this world, the same is the case with Rachid EI Khabbachi; he belongs to Mauritania. It is a little town in Africa; throughout his entire childhood life, all he saw was poverty, hunger, and people craving for life’s necessities. He always uses to think that one day he will be a successful man and help his family and his society improve their living so that they can have good food and better facilities of residence.


Rachid was born in Mauritania; it is a small land in Africa. There was a lot of poverty hunger there. All he saw is his family craving for the food; according to him, he said that he even beg on Mauritania’s streets. At that time, he thought of doing something exceptional to improve their living; he started his life career as a sports fighter and then, later on, he thought about some sort of business so that he can make his living to survive; he started some kind of buying and selling products business. From a tiny business, he started buying gold and diamonds and then sell them at high rates so that from the profit, he can buy more shares and can expand his business; due to his continuous hard work, he became a successful business man later on.

Social life:

Rachid El Khabbachi is not just an ordinary businessman he is one of the most famous businessmen and works with 250K+ devotee who is something really huge a lot of brands try to reach him and hire him as their style icon one of the most famous celebrities Mario Balotelli, French Montana, Cristiano Ronaldo is his friends, and they are one of the top favorite stars. He is also active on social media a lot and has a huge fan following; people absolutely love him and appreciate his efforts towards the betterment of society because he actively participates in a lot of charity organizations and helps people in improving their living so that they can survive and can have food in appreciation of his charity efforts president of Africa also invited him to meet. Rachid El Khabbachi also known as Jamal is such an inspiration for the youngsters who want to support their families.