Rags to Riches: Peter Triantos Shares his Views On Life

Rags to Riches: Peter Triantos Shares his Views On Life

The well-known and successful Peter Triantos is a renowned businessman, a fearless entrepreneur, and a social media personality in his own right. And this particular business success story is about his roller coaster journey to becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and business owners of the world. 

You see, in his story, how a twenty-one-year-old boy from Australia entered the world of business only after dropping out of high school. He started with his entrepreneurial journey by buying a run-down chicken grill bar and further opened five more stores. In 2007 Peter Tri decided to move into the food manufacturing industry and, with utter self-confidence, invested 3 million into infrastructure to shake things up in the condiment sauce space.

The investment erased much of his life savings and forced him back to square one. Armed only with changing tactics and a direct strategy of servicing stores rather than the traditional format of engaging distributors, he started working and, after various rounds of trial and error, gained consistent profitability in the market. 

Peter Triantos fearlessly availed all chances to find success in a world where even the best entrepreneurs who have ever lived have blown up (at least) their first accounts by making wrong investment decisions.   

Peter, though, quickly defied the odds and found lasting entrepreneurial success, majorly due to a masterful combination of the 8 Food Condiment Manufacturing Company and 8 Food Group Distribution. 

8 Food is an Australian condiment company that predominantly manufactures Mayonnaise. All 8 Food products get manufactured in house with no external contractors. Peter has one of the world’s most recognized food safety programs in place.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is quite simple: Competitive people make the world go round, and by staying competitive, you set yourself new goals you aim to achieve, and you will do things that will cause you to reach them.

While little or no formal training and very limited access to capital is not typically a formula for success in the business world, Peter’s story is one that proves how far a never give up attitude, passion, and a relentless mindset can elevate any entrepreneur from newbie up to the most grizzled veteran.