Raja Mukherjee – An Anchor with the gift of gab & business acumen

You need confidence, style, and attitude to carry yourself on a national level platform when representing a brand, event, or for that matter of fact yourself. Well, a host knows it all, she or he knows how to welcome a guest, how to weave a story around one logline and what to utter, and more importantly when. This man has carved a special niche for himself in the space of anchoring, one of a kind stylish, dapper, dynamic; Raja Mukherjee has been crowned with the most coveted title of Most Stylish Anchor in India 2020. At the young age of 22, Raja kickstarted team Inc and who would have made out that this anchor will be foraying into a different stream. From Team Inc to Microphone Duties and Cut the Crop. All these feats were achieved at the ripe age of 27. Raja turned corporate Rapper at 31.

Raja Mukherjee along with style and presentation has intellect and intelligent owing to which Raja is a man of words. Raja knows what to speak, where to speak and how much to speak, this is what marks him as an emcee who does not shy away from rhyming and does not limit himself. The performer & anchor is open for learning more avenues that he can venture into in the future with his ever growing team. Raja knows the market and the very factor which propels entertainment industry. Owing to which he associates himself with a team that believes in delivering on time with precision. Raja Mukherjee unlike other anchor is not limited or confined to that particular space, his ever learning attitude has helped him growing as a brand different from the crowd. Personal branding is the key to establish oneself in the world we live in.

Raja Mukherjee has anchored many grand events, seminars, exhibitions, parties and what not. Apart from anchoring the dude is a known rapper and content creator. The valiant lad does not shy away from calling spade a spade. Recently his video has garnered a lot of views from the viewers on the YouTube. One can’t don lot of hats, but if he/she does that means they are either multitalented or multifaceted. His motivating statements are mark of his wisdom and education, pulling out one from his abundant excerpts, “Breakdowns can create breakthroughs, things fall apart so things can fall together.” These words weigh differently for people who understand the nuances of living and value of the same. This is a simple statement which can motivate many souls who are in need of support or few encouraging words. The supporter & carrier of everything which is meant for public good, truly Raja RME is a majestic personality.