Rapper Lil Mishul drops his latest creation titled Swag Disease; check out

Talented hip hop artist and rapper Lil Mishul aka Mishul Gupta drops his latest track titled Swag Disease in collaboration with Illah aka Easty Appu.

Swag Disease treats the masses with relatable lyrics delivered with trap melodies. Ever since the track has been released, netizens have gone berserk by pouring in immense love and appreciation for the artists.

The song is produced by Pluto, Mix/Master by Mishul and Cago and rapped by Mishul and Illah.

Mishul was introduced to rap music when his brother showed him an Eminem song at age ten. Since then, Mishul began to explore the world of music outside the traditional works he grew up with. The son of a military man, Mishul’s family moved around India every few years and hence, music became a respite from his constantly changing home life.

The rapper and producer of his own CD and EP, as well as a handful of singles, Mishul has made a name for himself in the Chicago rap world.

Over the years, Mishul has treated fans with tracks that have gone ahead to become people’s favourite. He is not only a rapper but also a producer. He makes the music behind the song and Mixes the music himself.

Mishul and his musical journey have witnessed a roller coaster ride ever since the begging. Owing to his passion and dedication towards hip hop music, Mishul has paved his way to success and how.