Jeff Nelson Music, Your New Favorite Artist

Jeff Nelson Music, Your New Favorite Artist

There’s nothing quite like the rush of connecting with a great new artist — especially ahead of the pack — but they’re not always easy to find. Jeff Nelson is taking the internet by storm right now! 

When hearing Jeff Nelson’s voice, people often couldn’t believe the comparison and similarities in vocal recognition as some of the most famous musicians to date. Fans often compared Nelson’s voice to idols like Shawn Mendes. Being compared to idols like these does not come lightly, Jeff Nelson anxiously awaits a record label to sign him so he can expand his audience even further on his musical journey. With a staggering 20 thousand followers on Instagram and over 300 thousand followers on TikTok, Jeff is making his presence known. 

His latest project “Lost All in You” is definitely a song everyone needs to hear. Jeff uploaded a cover of Shawn Mendes called “Life Of The Party” and it has gained decent traction on youtube, acquiring over 12 thousand views in just a little over a month on YouTube, gaining traction and exposure through verified accounts throughout social media. 

In 2019 Jeff Nelson released a popular cover of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys featuring his friend and artist (@Dtmschangmin). In that same year, he released his second original song “Need You”. Jeff headlined his first show in Freehold, NJ in December that same year (2019). In 2020, he released his third and latest original song “Lost All In You”. This year he ambitiously wrote “Get it Right” and will be releasing it within the next month. He believes this new original will truly showcase both his vocal and songwriting abilities.

Jeff Nelson will not only be a household name in the upcoming future but we also believe Jeff will change the music industry.

Check out Jeff Nelson music on his Cameo!