Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Climb Top Ranks in the League of Legends

Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Climb Top Ranks in the League of Legends

The League of Legends happens to be one of the most popular games worldwide. A seasoned player knows how challenging it gets climbing up the ranks. Most players wonder why it should be so hard. Riot expresses its perspective, casting blame of players on smurf accounts.

A close focus

Riot expresses its dissatisfaction with the state of affairs, and it intends to do something to improve the situation. Reports show Riot making some deliberate attempts to make it more difficult for gamers to climb through elos (LoL’s ranking).

The shift has kicked out the game wins as the guarantees to get players to attain the required LP to move through the ranks faster.

The shift            

Back in the day, MMR meant a lot in matchmaking. The new shift trivializes MMR. Currently,  MMR doesn’t matter as much as it used to in the past. Most players don’t like the uncertainty about the future. One doesn’t know who he/she will be paired with eventually. The new shift pulls along as a dynamic one. You either end up with lower or higher elo players.

Most people understand how MOBAs usually operate, and that is a good tip to understand the situation in question. Smurfing isn’t one of those things that should take any person by surprise. However, clueless people will always be there, so elaborating on the various principles matters.

Anyone privileged to play the League of Legends probably knows a lot about smurfing. This term, in most cases, refers to the experienced players found on the brand new lol accounts. Smurfing exists for a reason, and that is a notable point.

The long and the short of it, these experienced players on the new accounts usually intimidate or bully new players.  Reports point out self-gratification as one of the primary motives behind the move.

Asides from the above point, such experienced players will deliberately play to climb through the ranks quicker. Riot believes it’s time for a change and wants to push its limits to restore gaming sanity.

People’s reaction

 Different persons will always have different perspectives on various issues. Riot’s move won’t be an exemption. Reports from trusted sources tell about a section of people that continue expressing their disagreement with Riot’s action. According to them, Riot should have a more concrete plan to counter the matter in front of it.

Riot comes out as relatively insensitive as most people purport. The concerned persons find the move to be a poorly-calculated one because it hurts the innocent players. Criticism rages on, with fingers pointing out Riot’s distress-full action. Valve continues to receive credit, with most people praising it for the way it goes about matters. A sharp contrast exists between how the two service providers go about matters.  Valve focused on the smurfing issue on Dota 2, and reports indicate how it did an impeccable b job. Victory lies in the way each of the service providers goes about resolving matters.

Valve gives penalties to players that engage in “smurfing” or “boosting.” It was in the previous week that it banned about 40,000 Dota 2 accounts. The service provider cites “abuse of matchmaking” as the reason it terminated those accounts. Valve promises to take strict measures from now on. The service provider vows to punish all those caught up in  “boosting” and smurfing” activities.

Valve wants to bring smurfing to a stop by all means possible. At the moment, it embarks on the set up of a stable smurf detection system to help deal with the problem. The service provider reveals that the system will be quite sensitive, and everyone caught flouting the rules will be in trouble.

Some players find themselves over-performing in some particular games. The plan is to boost their MMRs until they eventually get to players’ heights with matching skill levels. The thing about smurfs’ play with gamers that fall within their skill caps is something we might continue witnessing for a long time.

Uncertainty creeps on! No one knows the way matters will turn out in the long run. However, most people hope that Riot games will change. The change should be such that the ranked games be made less painful.