Rei Prendi: From Ground Zero to Creating a Hugely Successful Digital Marketing Brand

Rei Prendi: From Ground Zero to Creating a Hugely Successful Digital Marketing Brand

When Rei Prendi was 14 his Facebook account was hacked. This is not unusual in the digital age, but what was unusual was the youngster’s response. Determined to not be exposed in such a manner again, Rei immersed himself in the complex world of coding and learned everything he could about security, social media privacy and the internet.

Fast forward ten years and Rei is a social media and digital marketing specialist whose knowledge and expertise is highly sought after by both professionals and celebrities. He is considered the man in the know when it comes to solving every social media problem under the sun. It’s been a long, strange trip for the entrepreneur and he’s the first to admit if his account hadn’t been compromised he’d have probably chosen a different career path.

“What do Penicillin, Insulin, Vaseline, Teflon, Super Glue, pacemakers, microwaves, and X-rays all have in common?” Asks an earnest Rei, before quickly answering his own question. “They were all accidental and unintended scientific discoveries which were world-changing.”

Rei added, “The point I’m making is, opportunity knocks when you least expect it. Great ideas can have their genesis in the most unlikely of circumstances. Being hacked changed my life in a way I’d never imagined, but it taught me it’s not the situation itself that matters but how you deal with the situation.”

It must be said, Rei dealt with the situation admiringly. Two years after being hacked, he launched an innovative project called ‘’ which earned him fame and plaudits on Instagram.

Rei explained, “ is dedicated to finding the solutions to my clients’ media issues, technical problems, social media challenges, and privacy issues. I prided myself on being the person they look to for help after they have exhausted every other avenue. We have thousands of clients and we’ve never had a dissatisfied customer.”

Rei’s business now enjoys a seven-figure turnover but the self-confessed workaholic is determined not to rest on his laurels, and fiercely believes in keeping his finger on the pulse and one step ahead of the curve.

Rei revealed, “I need to stay innovative and creative to do what I do. Ever since I was hacked I realised I need challenges in my life to motivate me to keep reaching towards the next goal. If my story has taught me anything, it’s how to take a negative and make it a positive, one hundred, one thousand, and even a million times over.”