Review: “Make It Home” by Nomad Mr. Murk City

Washington, D.C.-based rapper Nomad Mr. Murk City has just released his latest album Trap Bible, a collection of incredibly produced hip hop songs that perfectly represent the Sumter, South Carolina native’s raw, clean and classic style. “Make It Home” featuring Moviee215 is the first single from the album and provides an ideal introduction to the artist’s unique and complex music.

Produced by Supamariobeatz and mixed by David Knocks, “Make It Home” draws you in with an ambient introduction that leads into a driving, captivating hook outlined with a light electronic effect. Nomad Mr. Murk City enters with the verse; his voice is clear and straight-forward as he delivers the lyrics with a conversational, confident tone. The beat is classic and consistent, creating the ideal backdrop for the narrative telling a tale of “trying to get a million”.

Trap Bible also features the songs “Blessings” produced by Dj International Wigg, a darker track that utilizes haunting piano samples in its complex and layered production, and “Preach” produced by Litboy Legendary, a disjointedly creative track that is as captivating as it is original. Nomad Mr. Murk City is an incredible artist and, with his talented team, consistently creates timeless music with a classic feel in a style all his own. Be sure to check out Trap Bible wherever you listen to music.