Interview with Rana Lincoln Das’s Grandfather Dr David John Lincoln

Interview with Rana Lincoln Das’s Grandfather Dr David John Lincoln

Rana’s Grandfather Dr David John Lincoln is a very famous NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer in India, He is one of the founders of NLP in India. Dr David John Lincoln has trained more than 20,000 students and 150 plus trainers in India. NLP in India means Dr David John Lincoln. Dr David John Lincoln have six Grand-Children and three Great-Grandchildren another Great-Grand Child is coming soon in a few months.. let’s have some chat with him about his Grandson Rana Lincoln Das.

• How was Rana Lincoln Das in his Childhood?
Answer : To be honest I did not get a chance to spend time with Rana in his childhood but by all accounts he was quite well behaved little boy.

• Do you have any nick name for Rana and why?
Answer : I call him Sunshine because he is always like a ray of Sun, shining brightly everywhere.

• Is he friendly, shy or naughty in family?
Answer : No, He is always well respected by all family members. In fact all the family members lookup to him and reach out to him for advice.

• Rana address you and his Dad as his real heroes, How does it makes you feel?
Answer : I am proud and privileged to be his Grandfather.

• What is the best thing you like about your Grandson?
Answer: His calm demeaner and pleasant outlook to life. Nothing is to difficult or too much bother for him.

• Any secret you like to share about Rana?
Answer : Hahaha, don’t try to speak with him when he is hungry.