Review of LifeWave Business Opportunities

Review of LifeWave Business Opportunities

Many people know that LifeWave is a leader in the field of health and wellness. Through its many innovative products, the company has brought newfound levels of well-being to thousands of customers. However, some people are unaware of the opportunities that the company offers to  those seeking to distribute these products. To better inform our readers about these opportunities, we decided to review the company and how individuals are joining forces with the brand to further their career goals.

Wellness Brand

LifeWave was founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt. He created it to provide consumers with products to help them feel better, have more vitality, and lead more joyful lives. Much of the effort to fulfill that mission has revolved around the creation of the brand’s flagship line of products – its phototherapy patches. These patches, when applied topically, reflect certain wavelengths of light back into the user’s body. When this occurs, cellular processes are activated, which can promote powerful health and wellness effects.

Early in the company’s history, the CEO and others explored various methods on how to get its innovative products out into the world. Their challenge was how to come up with the most effective way of reaching the highest number of consumers directly, given the unique nature of what they offered. Though the patches were effective at achieving health and wellness benefits, they realized it would be difficult to capture consumer attention in a traditional retail setting. The product was simply too different from anything else that a potential customer might have seen. Because of this, they decided to introduce consumers to the LifeWave products through interactions with people who were already knowledgeable about the brand’s technology.

Individual Distributors

So, after extensive deliberation, LifeWave decided to work with individual distributors to get the word out about its products. These distributors have become the lifeblood of the company’s sales efforts and have helped to expand the sale of LifeWave products worldwide. Currently, thanks to efforts by distributors, the company’s products are now available in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Distributors find that they also benefit greatly from their work with the company. The brand’s CEO, David Schmidt, has spoken at length on the potential for positive change in a person’s life that can come from being a distributor. Individuals get to determine how small or large they want to grow their operations. Regardless of the size of an individual endeavor, the wellness company provides numerous resources to help its distributors reach their goals. Perhaps the most visible examples of this are annual conferences where distributors can meet key members of the company, learn about new products and developments, and network with and learn from already established sales partners.

Though many people are familiar with LifeWave for the outsized impact that it has had in the health and wellness field, the above review makes it clear that the company has also had an impact beyond the users of its products. Distributors who partner with the company have seen powerful changes in their professional lives as they spread the word about the brand’s offerings. For those who are interested in this growing field, working as a distributor can provide a myriad of positive business opportunities.