Rigormortiz is setting new benchmarks in the music industry of London

Rigormortiz is setting new benchmarks in the music industry of London

Rigormortiz is a young and brilliant singer hailing from United Kingdom. He has set up a benchmark in the music industry for others like him. Rigormortiz, a name which is synonymous to the modern music era is a singer and producer who is doing wonderful in this niche. Rigormortiz realised her true potential and today she is one of the best singers of London.

With a never quitting spirit, hard work, 5 years of struggle and more than 23,000 followers on instagram and other social media sites. Today, Rigormortiz is a big name in the niche of music and songs. He’s a professional singer and a person with a pure heart who always keeps a good behavior towards others. Rigormortiz was born in UK, London. From the beginning of his life Rigormortiz was good in studies as well as in sports but he always wanted to become a singer, he wanted people to enjoy his music and move and groove on the same.
In 2015 he started walking on the path to become a successful singer. From 2015 to 2020 he Worked with more than 30+ artists just because of his amazing way of writing lyrics and singing songs.

Rigormortiz is a verified personality on spotify, soundcloud, apple music, jio savan and hungama music and soon he’s going to release a new song. His well wishers and fans are waiting for his upcoming albums which are going to release in 2021 and will surely become the next hits by Rigormortiz.

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Instagram:- @rigormortiz.music