Bobby Dee Presents partnership with Snoop Dogg Presents

Bobby Dee Presents partnership with Snoop Dogg Presents

In 2019, Bobby Dee Presets formed a partnership with Snoop Dogg. Bobby Dee Presents is a grassroots promotion company with the objective of providing their guests with an unforgettable live experience. More shows will soon be on the way from the two.

Bobby Dee said in an article with Voyage LA, “We have our partnership Snoop Dogg Presents and Bobby Dee Presents, producing some of the hottest concerts and festivals.” Not only does the partnership focus on the big name shows, but the up-and-coming artists as well. Bobby Dee continued, “We also have a booking agency Uncle Snoop’s Army to be able to give artists the opportunity to get on a stage without the politics of a major agency standing in their way.”

The partnership between Bobby Dee Presents and Snoop Dogg Presents is going to be on full display coming in the summer of 2021. Un Concierto Que Hara Historia, Dos Culturas Una Union, will feature Snoop Dogg and Banda MS on stage together. The partnership does not end there. Bobby Dee will also be entering a four-year residency with Snoop Dogg to learn from the best.

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