Rising singers are sometimes paid less than they are entitled to, says singer Jay Singh

Rising singers are sometimes paid less than they are entitled to, says singer Jay Singh

Getting paid less when you are a rising talent or a fresher at the job has been the bog-standard ideology for years. The battle is tough for singers with great talent too. Well, if you don’t, then maybe you should keep reading as Jay Singh now talks about how difficult it is for singers to get shows and events.

Jay Singh says: “Artists that are well-versed may not find it difficult to get successful shows. But newcomers, who are still unknown, go through a lot of denials and hurdles to find shows. Even if they are found, they are paid less than what they are entitled to. Sometimes, if an uncommon singer is doing a show at a famous place or event, they are asked to perform for free.

Due to his enchanting voice, Jay Singh has become a prominent name in the music industry. He has been doing singing shows and events for the past seven years and he believes the majority of independent artists and novice singers take years to fetch good shows at prestigious events. And why did the singer think so?

The singer was on his own when he embarked on his journey. After performing at small events and doing shows in local cafes, he started to gain popularity. Jay Singh has fought many battles in his life to reach the throne where he sits now. Today, he is one of the most astonishing singers and performers. His shows are full of vim and vigour.

A few of Jay’s hits include Kya Baat Ay, Naah, Patola, Suit Suit, Ve Maahi and many more. The singer has also set the vibe and enhanced the ambience of several clubs of high standing, weddings and festivals. Jay Shah has come a long way and we hope his journey inspires everybody.