Massachusetts Artist O$hak Is Ready To Prove He Has What It Takes

Even before creating music himself, O$hak an up-and-coming hip hop artist has always had a passion for the art. Starting to get involved with music as a whole when he was eleven years old, O$hak quickly fell in love and found himself looking to get his hands on anything that he could. At twelve years old, he started mixing songs together with a DJ board that his parents had gotten him, and the rest is history. From that point on, O$hak has known that music was the route that he needed to go down to feel fulfillment and so far, he is killing it as an artist.

Currently an independent artist, O$hak handles his career from top to bottom as he tries to navigate his way into the mainstream music industry. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Juice WRLD and makes music for anyone going through a tough time. “I want people to know that it’s completely normal to be struggling with any form of mental illness or major challenge in their life. I want my story to be a way to spread awareness on mental health. My goal is to show my vulnerability in my songs so people know they aren’t alone. Because no one ever is,” says O$hak.

O$hak is more committed now to his dreams than ever before. He feels 100% confident in his ability to hang with any of the top artists in the game, and it will be exciting to watch him build his career into that tier of success. He is on the right path and as long as he sticks to the code no one will be able to stop his rise to the top. Be sure to check out O$hak’s music if you haven’t already as this is one young talent you won’t want to miss out on. 

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Roxé Rises Gospel Hip Hop to Prominence

With talents and skills, you’ll go far. With talents, skills and faith, you’ll go even further. Roxé, a rising artist in the music industry, proves this to be true. Roxé writes songs about faith, love, and Christ. Straight out of West Chester, Ohio, Roxé started performing at the age of 7. Being surrounded by family musicians and performers, it greatly influenced his inclination towards the music industry. Roxé later attended Full Sail University at the age of 18 where he jump started his career to a professional level. He went on from there until he was able to perform tours and shows.

Roxé continues to write music grounded on faith. Among many others, he will soon be releasing a song called “Adios” – which is not a typical break-up song. Roxé fans will surely be on the lookout for that. Roxé has also produced a song titled, “Jesus Kingdom Of Love”. Upon writing, he claims that he knew he was embarking upon a global mantle God meant for him to carry. Other than music, he saw clothing as another medium for him to spread the Christian message in a form of art. Roxé launched his own NHNV clothing, which is deeply inspired by the movement he advocated himself, “No Hate No Violence”.

Currently signed under Top Shelf Music, this promising artist gets his music inspiration from Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. No wonder he has such great taste in music. He also wishes to work with Justin Bieber someday, on a sick collaboration to make gospel and R&B music.

Far from the mainstream, Roxé takes risks in an unexplored subgenre in the music industry. He feels honored and privileged seeing people sing along to his lyrics and dance with the melodies. He wants his fans to know that they can have as much fun and positivity when listening to music about Christ and faith.

Now, he will be remembered for bringing gospel hip hop into the limelight. And we know there are more things that we will be looking forward to with him. Let’s sit back and relax. Stream his songs and watch him build an even bigger empire in the industry!

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Huggin’ Money Keem Surprises His Artist With New Diamond Ring!

Huggin’ Money Keem is determined to show his love for his artist. And also show that their loyalty is genuinely appreciated. During a recent birthday dinner for Huggin’ Money Wendz.

Keem popped out with a brand new diamond ring which immediately sent Wendz into a heavy emotional state. Producing tears of joy.

Keem states, “these are the times that’ll be most memorable and cherished for me. Bringing people pure happiness is what makes me happy.”

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What Inspired Nisha Kapoor To Paint Unique, Vivid Art

Every artist has a source of inspiration for their art. The environment, people around us, and even their emotions can influence the way they create pieces. But for Indian artist Nisha Kapoor, the metaphysical world serves as the main inspiration for making art. 

“My works speak of my inner world which is trance-like, deep, and mystic, yet blissful, and illuminated,” she said. 

Art critics and collectors regard all of her works as unique and speak of a mystic, psychedelic, and deep dream effect. She has even received recognition from world-famous platforms and galleries. 

Just recently, Nisha has received the Collector’s Vision International Art Award from the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, which celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world.

Inspired By The Metaphysical World 

Nisha started painting about two years ago. After spending the day in a spa in a parlor, she fell into a state of deep sleep where she started having lucid 5D dreams that gave her a glimpse of captivating, out-of-this-world visions and images. 

For more than a decade, Nisha has been having a lot of metaphysical experiences where she falls into a trance and gets lucid dreams. She has also experienced levitating and being transported into a 5D world. 

But that particular moment was unlike her prior experiences because this event was so compelling that she felt the need to draw what she saw the moment she came home. 

“My body physically could not resist drawing. And that is how I started drawing –just two years ago. I was always in a corporate job and started painting alongside after this incident,” Nisha explained. 

There Are No Rules For Art

Other aspiring artists are also looking to make it in the world of art. And to make themselves stand out from the rest, they are advised to be original. But Nisha has another take on the usual advice. 

“I say to be you. When translated to art means even if you don’t have an original style and learn from others, that’s okay; just be you,” she said. 

She added that art is an expression and it can be inspired or novel. For her, there are no rules for how art should be done. 

Nisha Kapoor serves as an ideal example that inspiration can come from everywhere, even in a world that transcends the physical. Her work also encourages other artists to be true to themselves as it can be their ticket to becoming recognized in the art world. 
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Rubal Choudhary- Titled Grandmaster under Asia Book of World Records

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” says W. Clement Stone, and this is what she is following. She is a girl with beautiful wings, who wants to fly, fly higher and higher to achieve the best possible things.

A girl from gurgaon, haryana, who wants to become a govt officer, breaking all the barriers coming in her way.

Rubal Choudhary, is an artist and selenophile who already has achieved a lot in such a young age, which many people dreamt of like India book of records, Kalam’s world record, Vajra world records, Asia book of Records and many more. She has been featured in many magazines. She has also received numerous award for her art, talent and dedication.

She didn’t stop here, how will she? As her ambition is as vast as sky and as beautiful as a moon. She recently have achieved the most prestigious world record, Asia book of records, for the book “Art of translation”. This book shows the importance of both language, i.e English and Hindi.

Silence nourishes wisdom and same does the book “a Art of Translation”. There are 41 writers in the book including Rubal, who wrote poem on open theme, but there is a similarity that they used the word silence in their English poem and शांति in the Hindi poem. The same poem is written in both the language, which means they are translated.  The concept of the book clarifies the book name. And made her achieve Asia book of records.

But the journey doesn’t end here. There are many more in the way, because there is no limit for an achiever and she defines this phrase well.

Rubal Choudhary is so dedicated and hard-working toward her dream. She gives her best if she wants to achieve, and self belief and hard-work always earn success.


Moneymadejrr, The Hottest Mexican Coming Out Of Louisville Kentucky

Moneymadejrr, also known as Elean, moving fast and soaring high with his rap music

Rap music is one of the most versatile music genres out there. It can raise awareness of social problems or set the right chill-out ambiance with thoughtful rhymes underlined by soothing beats just as much as it can kickstart a great party.

Elean, also known as Moneymadejrr, is a rising Hispanic artist from Louisville, Kentucky. When Elean was 7 or 8 years old he didn’t know that life would lead him to the path of music. He would always sing, but never imagined he would be a rapper until about two years ago in high school.

He met a guy in college that rapped and motivated Elean to try out music. Soon Elean wrote his first song and recorded it in the studio. He slowly started gaining the attention he needed as soon as he posted a snippet of the song. His release “Pain” is a single that captures a deep essence of Elean’s experiences in life, how he feels about life and about his never give up attitude to whatever life throws at him. Elean’s new project “Proud Mexican” will be dropping on all platforms soon.

We don’t know where life may take us, therefore embrace whatever comes your way. Elean did exactly that. He followed his passion for music, explored the world of rap music and look where he is today and where he is going!

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Ilkay C, Artist And Rapper To Watch Out For in 2021

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work – Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

No inspiring business leader got to where they are without a willingness to work hard and put everything into their business. Ilkay C knows hard work with his 13 years of industry experience in music.

The artist and rapper was raised and still lives in Tubingen, Germany and is originally from Turkey. His last album was oriented and inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh (the oldest known epic in recorded human history written in cuneiform on stone tablets) and was a superb hit.

The 25 year old artist has had 2 years of professional experience with his music recordings till now and isn’t afraid to work harder. He loves ancient history and pre-recorded history and has extensive knowledge on the matter. The ancient king of Sumer, Gilgamesh inspired the cover artwork.

The album consists of great artists like R.A the rugged man (he has a song with Notorious B.I.G) and Ilkay enjoys hero status in the hip-hop underground scene. Be prepared to find everything from deep content, to punchline massacres, to great storytelling tracks on the Album.

His new release ”Underground Prestige’’, a collaboration album with his brother Sayedar from Istanbul, turkey is scheduled by 2021. They have on board great artists like Chino XL, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Canibus, Brother Ali, Akil the Mc, and plenty of more dope artists featured on the record.


Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes Photographer, Videographer, Artist & Entrepreneur

Visionary, creative, and inspired are just a few words most often used to describe Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes. As a photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur, Twich has taken his vision and entrepreneurial spirit to the next level in both creativity and business.

As a creative visionary, Twich heads up TwichStudio, specializing in high energy photoshoots, still photography, and video production. He has worked with numerous high-profile artists such as Kymani Marley and Trent Shelton.

His creative and entrepreneurial spirits blend into one as the co-owner of the company FeriBoyz, specializing in selling designer fashion, beauty, and health products. Twich brings innovation, vision, and entrepreneurial acumen, growing FeriBoyz and expanding its presence in the global marketplace.

Twich also displays his artistic talents as a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and performer on the Darkside Muzik label. He has just released his first song, “Sick of This ft. Krosss.” As an artist, he draws from his background and vision of the global community to create work that inspires.

He was born in the Netherlands and raised on the island of St. Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands), where his mother created a loving environment for the family. Twich has aspired to the highest levels of success in every aspect of his life. You can learn more about Twich on Instagram at @twich_dsm and on his website.


Why GVVDAH Is the Next Artist To Blow Up: Featured Exclusive

On the first of each month, we have a tradition of highlighting an up and coming artist that has the best chances of becoming a big name. In today’s feature, we highlight GVVDAH who is from Toledo, Ohio who moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue a music career.

Recently, news has been around the rapper from his big headline single, “Hammer” featuring G Herbo. This collab was released just over a week ago and has so far been well received not only by GVVDAH’s fans, but G Herbo’s fans as well. Now with the new momentum of the release, all eyes are on GVVDAH to see his next move.

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Jan Metternich Is An Upcoming Artist From Germany

Constantly trying to Improve

In order to really build a following, an artist needs to show that they are progressing. The further they progress, the bigger and more loyal the fan base can get. JAN METTERNICH has been working at improving his sound track by track. He’s come a long way since a year ago. He has already been releasing songs on YouTube for a few years and playing instruments for his whole life. His biggest strengths lie in his ability to write catchy choruses and melodies.

Separating Himself From The Crowd

With so many different artists now trying to budge their way into the industry, it is so hard to separate oneself from the others. The only way to do this is to come up with your own unique sound. Don’t try to sound like someone else, that is what everyone else is doing. JAN METTERNICH does a nice job of this by separating himself from other artists around him. This applies in both the actual sound, and way he is moving.

Using All Platforms To Promote Music

JAN METTERNICH is fortunate to have a strong fan base across different streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This allows him to reach a large amount of people across different platforms. This is why JAN METTERNICH has been streamed thousands of times across all platforms.