Rocky Lee The Million Dollar Manager Gives Back To The Community To Be A True Leader

Rocky Lee The Million Dollar Manager Gives Back To The Community To Be A True Leader

“Hard work compounds like interest, and the earlier you do it, the more time you have for the benefits to pay off.” – Sam Altman

“Don’t be a boss, be a leader” says Rocky Lee, the million dollar artist and founder of the million dollar record label. Born in Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Lee started working in music at the age of 18 and always had a good sense of music. However, that is not enough to become established. Lee says it is incredibly important to be around people who motivate you on a regular basis and give you a deeper insight into the field you choose.
Rocky has never backed out of difficult situations and that’s what sets him apart and contributed to his immense success. It is all about taking life positively, handling situations with strength and never losing hope. The million dollar artist started his career as a DJ and worked his way from there with his charismatic personality, intelligence, hard work and great connections.

Lee created his million dollar music by practicing every day for years with seldom breaks. He says, ‘if not now, then never’. He values time and believes that the hustle must continue all our lives, not just till we reach a goal. A total self made man, Lee has worn the multitasker hat for years with organising, coordinating, planning and now the next step that is funding.

A strong believer in giving back to the community, he has been a great supporter to many young and thriving artists of New York and enhanced their careers with his expertise and financial funding. Rocky still has a long way ahead of him and isn’t afraid of the work he has to put in. Download his music already if you haven’t yet!

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