Rolls-Royce represents two-week closure of civil aerospace business

Britain’s Rolls-Royce said on Sunday it is proposing a two week operational closure of its civil aerospace unit over the mid year as it oversees costs because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aero-engine producer has started converses with associations on the closure and cost cutting at its civil aerospace unit, it said in an emailed statement.

“As we continue to manage our cost base in response to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the whole commercial aviation sector, we are proposing a two week operational shutdown of Civil Aerospace over the Summer,” it said.

Rolls-Royce’s finances have been hit by the COVID-19 emergency as its aircraft clients have grounded planes. It cautioned a month ago that travel would be considerably more compelled than anticipated for the current year, prompting expanded cash outflow.