Tesla Cybertruck warthog would be a ‘dream collab’ for Xbox chief

Tesla Cybertruck warthog would be a ‘dream collab’ for Xbox chief

Xbox chief Aaron Greenberg saw that Elon Musk conceded his favorite console game was Halo and saw the chance for his “dream collab” with Tesla. Greenberg indicated a potential IRL Cybertruck warthog project with Elon Musk and Tesla.

“Sure feels like a Tesla x Halo collab needs to happen at some point!?” Greenburg tweeted, in light of Musk’s tweet about playing Halo.

As the General Manager of Marketing at Xbox, Greenburg would realize that a joint effort with Tesla on a potential Halo warthog-inspired Cybertruck would presumably be a success. The Cybertruck has demonstrated to be a pop-culture icon in-the-making. Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck has showed up in a few prominent forms since its release including two Cybertruck Hot Wheels iterations.

Greenburg left the possibility of a potential Tesla x Halo cooperation open for the future. “To be clear this would be a dream collab for me and many fans I know. So if you like the idea, speak up and maybe something in the future could happen, who knows!?” he said.

While the possibility of an IRL Cybertruck warthog may sound cool, Elon Musk will likely focus on the production of Tesla’s EV pickup truck first. The organization’s Cybertruck factory, also called Gigafactory Texas, has been making headways of progress regarding development over the past few months.

Concerning the Cybertruck, Musk referenced in the last profit call that the pickup’s design has been finalized. He additionally shared that Tesla would arrange 8,000-ton casting press machines for the Cybertruck’s single-piece back underbody.