Life is not the same for everyone. Some live a lifestyle with no financial worries, where they spend each day enjoying their lavish mansions and exotic cars. In contrast, some belong to a not-so-secure background with an uncertainty of affording their three-time meals every day. Different lifestyle classes go parallelly in this world. There is no such hard and fast rule that the poor can’t become rich or the rich can’t face poverty. This mortal life is full of uncertainties, and a change in circumstance can arise anytime.

The quality of life a person spends greatly depends on one’s mentality, hard work, and attitude. Millions of people were born to low-income families but ended up as successful individuals. Most millionaires had a terrible beginning, but with faith and relentless effort, they successfully changed their lives and that of their loved ones. It is evident that every individual experiences different circumstances during their life, and sometimes improving their situation and prevailing over life’s adversities can seem like a lofty dream. However, with a positive attitude and smart decisions, one can elevate their standard of living to a level not imaginable before.

Some of the world’s wealthiest people today started their journey from the very bottom of the social chain. One prominent example of such an individual is Rudy Treminio, also known as El Patronn. He was born in severe poverty and had to spend his earlier longing for things others his age received naturally. But rather than blaming life for his situation, he decided to persevere and eventually changed his life to become a successful automobile salesman and entrepreneur.

Rudy Treminio has set an example for the people who think they can’t upgrade their class. Rudy’s life experience gives them a lesson that those who are passionate about achieving their dreams are not afraid of the challenges. Even if things don’t go according to plan, passionate individuals try to create solutions with a positive attitude, which enable them to overcome all the hurdles.

Everyone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, but it is not an easy pursuit, especially for those not born into a rich environment for making investment decisions. The growing gap between the poor and the rich makes it more challenging for most middle-class people who have dreams to keep successful steps in the world of entrepreneurship. Only a few achieve their goals successfully, and they tell the others through their achievements that nothing is impossible

Born on December 28, 1980, Rudy Treminio is also a great example for those unmotivated individuals who give up on their dreams. Treminio is enjoying tremendous success as a prominent entrepreneur and sales executive in the automobile industry, but he did not get such success on his plate. He worked for it and earned with potential. Rudy did not leave his fate on going with the flow. Instead, he aimed to become successful despite facing numerous challenges.

He came to the United States as an unskilled and unmotivated teen and was involved in alcoholism. Rudy’s struggling with alcoholism spoiled his personal image and public reputation. In such a challenging situation, anyone would reach the destructive stage and lose everything they have. But in the case of Rudy Treminio, the story is different. He recovered from such a situation and said farewell to alcohol. He realized he couldn’t achieve bigger goals without leaving his comfort zone. Hence, he developed his expertise in the automotive sales industry.

Rudy Treminio, also known as El Patronn studied his high school education from 1997 to 1999. He started his professional career journey in 1998 as General Sales Manager at City World and gained profound experience while working in the company for nine years. He left the job in 2007 and joined Jersey City Ford, Lincoln Mercury, in 2008 as General Manager. Rudy worked there till 2013 and left the company in order to pay attention to his own business, Kingz of Cars, which he started in September 2013.

El Patronn is also the CEO of a business App, Geras Assoicates, LLC. He is currently the General Manager/Managing Partner of Brooklyn Mitsubishi in Brooklyn, New York. While studying the industry and providing the best customer experience, he has sold over 36,000 vehicles, which is not normal for an ordinary automotive dealer. He is a true example for the people who aim to succeed in the automotive industry.