Russian beauty dives into the world of music

Russian beauty dives into the world of music

She is gorgeous, she is talented, and she is on a mission to share her many talents with the world. She is Ellen Alexander – model, actress, and music artist. Ellen was born in Russia and studied at Chekhov Moscow Arts Theatre School. But she soon discovered that the world is her home and moved to the UK, and later on to the USA. Currently residing in LA, she made a glorious (and courageous) debut in the music industry during these troubled times.

We’ve seen her “Shadows” video on, and it is breathtaking, to say the least. This was when we decided it’s time we find out Ellen Alexander’s plans for the future! 

And here they are!

 “Shadows” was released during the Pandemic; this is a very bold choice. Tell us more about what inspired you!

Ellen Alexander: Why a bold choice? We’ve been working on the song for quite some time. “Shadows” is a team effort, and I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing and very talented people. I’ve chosen to release it during this time as a reminder that even in tough times, we can still enjoy the music, live our passion, and create. 

About the source of inspiration, I think we could say it was a good friend of mine, Jeremy Renner. He was also creating music at the time and introduced me to the people that I’m working with now. But the bottom line is that I wanted to make something out of my passion, to share it with the world. 

What got you into music in the first place? I mean, you’re already modeling, doing reality shows, theater, movies… why music?

Ellen Alexander: I’ve been singing since I was five years old. Music wasn’t something that just popped up in my life now; it was always there, ever since I was a little girl. My parents are both scientists, working long hours, so I had a lot of afterschool activities, and music was just one of them. I’ve also been in a choir for a while; it was a great experience. After I moved to LA, I was in the process of signing with Warner Bros, but I had a medical problem, and the deal fell through. I had some issues with the vocal cords, and the doctors recommended rest for like six months. It’s a long time to stop singing! 

I know you have been working on over 200 songs, is an album coming along soon? 

Ellen Alexander: Yeah, maybe! Currently, I’m working with an agency that is preparing my debut on the Chinese market. You know, Alibaba, Tik Tok, it is a market worth exploring and with great potential. In the next few months, I have to prepare five new songs. After this, we’ll see if an album is the best solution or just releasing songs one at a time.

Give us a hint about what’s next in your music career, what projects are you working on now?

Ellen Alexander: Well, I have so much going on right now, I don’t know where to start! I’m still modeling, and just living in LA takes a lot of time, you know! But music-wise, I’m working on creating my own music label. I decided there is no point in chasing a record company when I can create something I really believe in. 

Do you have a celebrity you’d like to work with, maybe a duet? Do you have a celebrity crush?

Ellen Alexander: Oh, I have many celebrity crushes, I fall in love so easily with creative spirits! It has nothing to do with sexuality, but with the inspiration that they bring, the state of mind. 

It’s hard to pick just one artist for a duet; there are so many people I’d like to work with, I don’t want to discriminate! I’m easy going, and I love new projects and the energy that they bring. And I’m totally open to collaborations with other music artists. 

And the last question – what do you sing in the shower?

Ellen Alexander: I don’t have a favorite, to be honest! Usually, I put some music on, and I just sing along with whatever is playing! Actually, wait! I think I did sing Shadows quite a few times lately!  

Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube: 

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