Sahil Suri gets candid on how social media is influencing businesses

Sahil Suri gets candid on how social media is influencing businesses

There was a time when we were unaware of the internet and now, we can barely imagine our lives without social media. It has opened doors for international business and dozens of companies made expansions in the Indian market. The ebbs of digital media have narrowed the gap in business opportunities. This is something that even ace entrepreneur Sahil Suri agrees with. He gives his consent to the notion that digital media has occurred to be a potential business spot.

Seeing the tremendous reach and high engagement capacity of social media, a lot of companies, whether FMCG, the IT industry, or even B2B, are marking their presence here. Explaining why, Sahil Suri says, “The silent majority is on this platform and this gives a plausible reason for businesses to be there.”

Moreover, the inception of digital media has given rise to several new career options like social media influence, content optimisation, content creation, etc. “Today, social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and more have not only generated vocation for millions but also ignited new business ideas in several minds,” says Sahil Suri and digital media agencies, influencer marketing, are proof of that.

Sahil Suri also highlights how, by using this utterly free platform, many people have started their own micro-businesses like selling jewellery, thrift shops, DIYs, art supplies, and whatnot. The online space has proven to be a boon.

You see, digital media is already gathering a lot of attraction, and some big names are already joining this bandwagon to make their presence felt in this new wave. Even Sahil Suri’s luxury cafe, Marshmallow, is on social media. He explains that this platform has helped to attract more people to his cafe.

“By being online available, brands can directly connect to their target audience and engage with them. This boosts the recall status of the brand and consumers can remember them for a longer period,” says Sahil Suri. The entrepreneur has got power in his values and words. We hope he keeps guiding us!