Sang Min Lim Dominating the Entertainment Spotlight

Sang Min Lim Dominating the Entertainment Spotlight

Look out music world! Something huge is coming your way! In fact it has already arrived and it is making big waves in the entertainment world. What’s this big thing you ask? It’s none other than the musical genius of rising pop sensation Sang Min Lim! And if you’re hearing his name for the first time chances are you’re one of the few who have yet to experience the brilliance of his music.

Since his arrival on the music scene Sang has done considerably more than just turn heads. He has won the adoration of millions of fans as his online profiles reveal.  Through his YouTube channel, he has attracted over 17,000 subscribers, 3 million views and thousands of thumbs ups.  His Instagram page sang2day is another indicator of his booming career as it boasts more than 200,000 followers. And he has achieved all of this in just under a year.

A Long Existing Passion Rebirthed

For Sang, even though he delayed pursuing it for a while the passion for music has always been there. As a child, he gravitated to music and loved singing in particular. But he grew up in a culture (South Korean) that placed significant value on more traditional professions and this led him to put music on the backburner for a while as he pursued other interests. But the undying passion for music never left him.

Even though he later went on to pursue a range of interests in areas such as academia and professional modelling, the passion for music remained powerful though dormant. Later, when he saw the rise in popularity that KPOP was enjoying in the US, he felt emboldened and decided to explore his passion.

Uniquely Sang

Sang’s approach to music is an all-inclusive one. In addition to blending his ancestral language with English in his lyrics, he has found what can be called a winning recipe, combining R&B, KPOP, Electronics and Futuristic elements like a maestro.  And the results are nothing short of spectacular. ‘Groovy’, ‘hot’, ‘awesome’, ‘stunning’ and ‘genius’ are just a few of the words musical connoisseurs use to describe the music he has produced.

Today, just a few months after he released his first music video ‘Fantasy’, Sang’s name is on the lips of millions of adoring fans worldwide. Having enjoyed one or more of his awesome music videos, they’ve been swept away by his good looks, melodic voice and the creative lyrics. With four awesome music videos amassing over 3 million views altogether, he is definitely on a trajectory to the peak of international fame.

Sang’s music has been creating mellow vibes in homes around the world. The catchy rhythms make it easy for his listeners to loosen up, unwind and dance their problems away. His fans have also been blasting his tunes as they revel at parties around the world. Sang’s career in the music world is nothing short of spectacular so far and by all indications, there is a whole lot of awesome left to come.