Sean Mac on How He is Turning His Passion into a Career

Sean Mac on How He is Turning His Passion into a Career

Nine-to-five by day and independent artist by night, Sean Mac is a 23-year-old artist living in Point Lookout, New York. Mac says his greatest inspiration for music is helping people who are struggling with mental health.

Mac is currently working at a Hardwood Flooring and Paint Supplies Store in Queens, New York. With a nine-to-five job, it can be hard to find time for the creative side of life; however, Mac never loses sight of the music. Max explained that after a long day on the job, he normally goes to Stepo’s studio, which is a studio that his friend Stepo built in his basement over the summer. “We work all night together, and I would usually get home late,” Mac said about his daily grind in the studio.

The late-night grinds are now paying off for Mac as he is seeing his music spread and have an impact in the world. He has recently released an EP titled, IN MY HEAD, on October 2, 2020. The EP has gained strong support around the globe with close to 100,000 streams in the first two weeks of its release. “I can promise fans will continue to hear my honesty and emotion in my music. I put my heart and soul into all of my projects, and I hope people continue to hear it,” Mac comments.

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