Selldretti: The Future of Independent Hip-Hop

Selldretti: The Future of Independent Hip-Hop

The land of opportunity for independent artists have grown over the years. More distribution companies are affording the opportunity to independent artists to take control of their careers and release music to fans all over the world while keeping sole ownership of their music rights.  There are many rising, independent artists that are taking the industry by storm, and one of these rising artists is Columbus, Ga native Selldretti. 

Rise To Success

Selldretti began making music in 2016 when he released his first single “Welcome to Columbus, Ga” which created a strong buzz around him.  The song was featured in numerous, exclusive mixtapes and became the benchmark for the independent artist to create more music.  “The song was something I did for my home town, but it ended up becoming a big success both locally and gained attention in different regions of the country,” recalls Selldretti.


Since releasing his hit single, Selldretti has released a solid catalog of content including 12 singles, among those singles are hits “Rock the Block” and “Get it Jumpin’” which gained over 9,000,000 streams on Souncloud collectively.  He has also released two solo albums “Life Goes On” and “Rock the Block” and a mixtape called “The Dilla Way: A Tribute to J.Dilla” where he pays tribute to one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers of all time in J.Dilla. 

Selldretti Music

While in college, the Columbus, Ga native decided to brand himself and created the independent record label Selldretti Music. While building the brand, he assembled 6 of his former colleagues to create the rap group Selldretti Music Group, otherwise known as SMG.  The group released their only joint album called “The Move” which gained a lot of local buzz.

Since releasing the group album, Selldretti focused solely on building the brand by composing a unique logo, slogan and releasing singles and projects under the label name.  The slogan, “Follow the Movement,” is attached to the label to signify the
“movement” of quality Hip-Hop music to the world and nothing short of it.

Outside of Music

Selldretti is not only making moves in the music industry, but he also prides himself on being a man of God, a husband, a father and a Soldier.  Despite his music endeavors, the Columbus, Ga native puts his faith in God and family before his music interests.  “Without God and my family, I am nothing, period,” says Selldretti.  He is currently married to his Wife, Amber Seldon, and have one child together.

Selldretti is also a Soldier, serving in the United States Army as an Army Officer.  He is a 2019 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and became the first African American male from his home town to achieve this accomplishment.  The Mayor of Columbus, Ga presented Selldretti with a proclamation to name June 22nd “2LT Walker Vernal Seldon Day” to celebrate the hard work and dedication Selldretti possessed throughout his time as a cadet at the Academy.

The Future

With the future ahead, Selldretti intends to continue to provide quality music for his current and future fans across the country and world at large. “My mission is to be a positive influence on the current and future generations so that we are not led astray,” says CEO of Selldretti Music. With the consistency and passion for the music, Selldretti’s path to success looks very prominent.

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