Alias Is Huzsuh! Inspiration for New Talent?

Although it is recent, rap is not new: it comes directly from the hip-hop movement, born in the 1970s in the United States. Since then, it has continued to develop, becoming more democratic, especially in the 1990s, with emblematic figures such as Eminem. This genre naturally arouses vocations: how to become a good rapper? Above all, you have to be able to sing well and, contrary to certain prejudices, it is not a question of just speaking… Here are the main techniques to master to rap well!

How to learn to sing rap?

Although it is recent, rap is not new: it comes directly from the hip-hop movement, born in the 1970s in the United States. Since then, it has continued to develop, becoming more democratic, especially in the 1990s, with emblematic figures such as Eminem. This genre naturally arouses vocations: how to become a good rapper? Above all, you have to be able to sing well and, contrary to certain prejudices, it is not a question of just speaking… Here are the main techniques to master to rap well!

I currently reside in Miami and Ga. I was at a family reunion one day as kid and I got on stage and I love the attention it was like a drug and every since then I been chasing it on and off… I was inspired by Tupac… anybody that knows me personally they call me pac short for Tupac cause I really thought I was him as a young in then I as I got older Jay z lead the way and I been following his blueprint since

If I had to describe myself

I’m a huzsuhler

Go getter

Ladies Man


Family man


Funny as hell at times

Learn to master your voice and tempo

The two main ingredients of a successful rap are voice and rhythm . If you manage to put your words at the right time while controlling your intonation perfectly, it’s already a good start (the acceleration and the optimization of the famous ” flow  ” will come later!).

So, above all, a rapper knows the basics of singing: he relaxes his neck and his face, he takes his breath properly and he trains his voice. Warm-ups, for example, are a must-do in any genre, including this one. Then, once you know how to sing, you need to get into the right rhythm. There are several ways to do this: listen to songs without paying attention to the lyrics – and focusing on the tempo, start with a metronome or practice beatboxing. Concretely, you imitate the bass drum or the snare drum with your lips: your mouth is transformed into drums, in order to understand well how to respect the good rhythm.

Practice on well-known songs

Imitation is a method accessible to all those who wish to get into rap like autodidacts. Concretely, start by choosing a part of a song that you know well and that you like – it is always more pleasant to practice with songs that you like!

Memorize an entire verse or chorus, analyze the rhythm and flow of the performer, identify all the clues in the pronunciation, and carefully distinguish each syllable. Once you think you have correctly deciphered the passage, try to reproduce it a Capella . At first, this is a good way to test your ability to keep up with a pace on your own.


Morewop is Turning His Story into Song

The struggle of growing up on the southside of Chicago has shaped and molded rapper and hip-hop artist Morewop. The realities he faced could have easily led him on a path away from music, but he chose to put his experiences into the music he releases. In a personal interview, he spoke about his upbringing. Morewop relates, “I grew up as a menace, risking my life, gambling, and robbing. I got shot and also lost two brothers.” His music touches on these subjects, and the realness of this message has connected with fans. Morewop also says that writing about his life has been the most difficult subject he has had to write on.

Morewop has had to overcome a great number of challenges, from the loss of loved ones and gun violence to court cases and separating himself from those who did not truly care about him. Yet, through all this, he holds tightly to the mindset of staying humble and building confidence. After beginning music at 19 but not taking it seriously, the now 24-year-old has released two projects, an EP titled “WOPTOBER” and the album “Who I Do It 4” and is set to drop his newest work, “Road Runner.” Morewop’s latest will be a tribute to those like himself. He states, “The next project will be dedicated to hustlers of all kinds, just grinding and trying to reach their full potential while facing different hurdles and overcoming them.”

Though an independent artist, Morewop has worked with a number of producers and engineers, such as Gasupkeef. With a vibrant Chicago music community, it has been effective to work with other talented up-and-comers like himself. And, Morewop has seen success with his music. As of today, he holds his greatest achievement to be hitting over a million views on YouTube and TikTok. Now, as “Road Runner” is set to release, he hopes it will follow the path of his previous two projects.

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Selldretti: The Future of Independent Hip-Hop

The land of opportunity for independent artists have grown over the years. More distribution companies are affording the opportunity to independent artists to take control of their careers and release music to fans all over the world while keeping sole ownership of their music rights.  There are many rising, independent artists that are taking the industry by storm, and one of these rising artists is Columbus, Ga native Selldretti. 

Rise To Success

Selldretti began making music in 2016 when he released his first single “Welcome to Columbus, Ga” which created a strong buzz around him.  The song was featured in numerous, exclusive mixtapes and became the benchmark for the independent artist to create more music.  “The song was something I did for my home town, but it ended up becoming a big success both locally and gained attention in different regions of the country,” recalls Selldretti.


Since releasing his hit single, Selldretti has released a solid catalog of content including 12 singles, among those singles are hits “Rock the Block” and “Get it Jumpin’” which gained over 9,000,000 streams on Souncloud collectively.  He has also released two solo albums “Life Goes On” and “Rock the Block” and a mixtape called “The Dilla Way: A Tribute to J.Dilla” where he pays tribute to one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers of all time in J.Dilla. 

Selldretti Music

While in college, the Columbus, Ga native decided to brand himself and created the independent record label Selldretti Music. While building the brand, he assembled 6 of his former colleagues to create the rap group Selldretti Music Group, otherwise known as SMG.  The group released their only joint album called “The Move” which gained a lot of local buzz.

Since releasing the group album, Selldretti focused solely on building the brand by composing a unique logo, slogan and releasing singles and projects under the label name.  The slogan, “Follow the Movement,” is attached to the label to signify the
“movement” of quality Hip-Hop music to the world and nothing short of it.

Outside of Music

Selldretti is not only making moves in the music industry, but he also prides himself on being a man of God, a husband, a father and a Soldier.  Despite his music endeavors, the Columbus, Ga native puts his faith in God and family before his music interests.  “Without God and my family, I am nothing, period,” says Selldretti.  He is currently married to his Wife, Amber Seldon, and have one child together.

Selldretti is also a Soldier, serving in the United States Army as an Army Officer.  He is a 2019 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and became the first African American male from his home town to achieve this accomplishment.  The Mayor of Columbus, Ga presented Selldretti with a proclamation to name June 22nd “2LT Walker Vernal Seldon Day” to celebrate the hard work and dedication Selldretti possessed throughout his time as a cadet at the Academy.

The Future

With the future ahead, Selldretti intends to continue to provide quality music for his current and future fans across the country and world at large. “My mission is to be a positive influence on the current and future generations so that we are not led astray,” says CEO of Selldretti Music. With the consistency and passion for the music, Selldretti’s path to success looks very prominent.

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Selldretti Music is the record label of hip-hop artist and producer Selldretti

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So Gaudy is Turning His Hip-Hop Passion Into a Career

Las Vegas, Nevada native So Gaudy is a young hip-hop artist pursuing his dream of being a professional musician. Many trials and errors have led him to this point in his career, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. So Gaudy feels that he has earned everything he has gained in the industry, and he is hungry for more.

So Gaudy has been chasing his dream since early 2010 when he first began to make music. His hobby turned into a passion that consumed his soul, and he knew that the music industry was the route for him. After making music for a few years, So Gaudy decided to pull the trigger and build his own recording studio where he would spend most of his days working on his latest songs. Spending hours in the studio and perfecting his craft has led So Gaudy to land a deal with SODMG, an All Money In affiliate.

Since then, So Gaudy has focused on putting out quality tracks and gaining traction as an up-and-coming artist. His most recent project, “Vinny Vallacci,” features thirteen songs that all hit the spot. Through his music, So Gaudy wants to share his experiences and his emotions with his fans. Creating that genuine connection with them is one of his favorite parts about being an artist. He wants to impact people’s lives and give back to those who have gotten him this far.

This is only the beginning for new-to-the-block hip-hop artist So Gaudy. With a plethora of different tracks for any situation and a relentless work ethic, there’s nothing that he can’t achieve. Be on the lookout for So Gaudy in the year 2021. He has big plans in store.

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Kyy Stacks is Equipped to Break Barriers in the Business and Music Sides of Hip-Hop

In every generation of artists, there are a few who are not only equipped with the talents to make waves in the music side of the industry, but also in the nosiness side of the music world. For Kyasia Webber, known better as Kyy Stacks, there is no limit to what she feels she is capable of achieving in the music industry. After her recent success on SoundCloud and in the middle of her transition to making higher quality music, Kyy Stacks is positioning herself to become one of the strongest female voices in the world of hip-hop.

As a child, Kyy Stacks was raised in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City and was given a front row seat to the devastating, impoverished lifestyles that many people around her faced. “Where I come from, people resort to the illegal activities and vices that come with being in a low-income community in our society today,” Kyy shared. She continued, “I decided to use my musical talents to create a clean path for my family to get out of poverty and to tell my story at the same time.” Raised solely by her mother, Kyy Stacks pulled a great amount of inspiration from watching what her mother would do for herself and her siblings. Crafting one of the strongest work ethics in the game, Kyy Stacks as kept her nose to the grindstone and proven herself as one of the strongest writers and technically gifted rappers in NYC.

“I want my audience to know that my music reflects the life that I have lived so far and whether you can relate to my life or not, I think the music speaks for itself as an art,” Kyy says. With her most recently released single, P.T.S.D, Kyy’s abilities as a wordsmith are on full display throughout the track’s five-and-a-half-minute run time. However, her lyrical and technical abilities aren’t the only skills Kyy is bringing into the rap game. Along with the goals she has set for herself as an artist, Kyy Stacks is looking to set herself apart as a strong businesswoman as well. “In the next five years, I see myself as a multiplatinum recording artist as well as an A&R or record executive because I feel like I have an eye for talent in this industry. I want to start my own label and help up and coming artists achieve success in the music

industry.” Truly setting herself apart from the pack, Kyy Stacks is driven by a humble beginning and a motivation that is pure and unadulterated. The stage is truly set for her to burst onto the scene at any point.

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Rapper KILJ is Making his Name Known at the age of 16.

KILJ is a Hip-Hop recording craftsman from Atlanta, GA. In the most recent year alone, he has outperformed over 1M streams over all streaming platforms and had been featured in publications such as Banger of The Day, Disrupt Magazine, Fordham Ram, and podcasts. KILJ currently sits at about 10k followers on Instagram and has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. His most recent single “Mistakes” has been added to playlists with well over 40,000 followers and keeps growing every day. Anything is possible for the youthful rapper, and I am exceptionally eager to see where he is going soon. You can find him on Instagram @xokilj


Young Artist Isaiah Wallace, AKA Justzai, Is Creating a Niche in the Hip-Hop World

The challenges of gaining recognition and respect as a musician can many times come down to originality and independent success.  Isaiah Wallace, a Chattanooga Tennessee local and Hip-hop artist going by the name Justzai is on this path as an Intendent artist. 

This teen began recording at the age of 12 and has been making music ever since.  He currently works out of Breaker 17 Studios under the mentorship of Abdias Joga.  Though not signed by a label, Justzai has seen success reaching over 100,000 Spotify streams.  He hopes to make his mark on the Hip-hop industry with his new, fun, and fast music.  His upcoming album titled Here We Go Again brings a new flair to many of the known styles of Hip-hop.

Justzai hopes others will see the steps he takes to move the industry forward and recognize that “even if you can’t find your comfort zone you can make a new one”.  This message is one that grew from his struggles growing up in the inner city of Chattanooga (a place he makes strides to better every day).  The love he has for his home is evident in his regular walks around the neighborhood before a studio session and his favorite rooftop writing spot overlooking his city.

Listen to Isaiah Wallace’s music here.

You can find Isaiah Wallace on Instagram here @Justzai

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Meet New York City’s Hip-Hop Rising Star Fadetheblackk

Music Artist Antonio Rosario, aka Fadetheblackk, a self-made “Influencer.”

Antonio Rosario born and raised in NYC where he was once considered a standout baseball player, even though baseball was not his true passion he was actually offered a contact by a scout from the Colorado Rockies in 1999. Coming from a musical family upbringing Antonio Rosario always had love to create growing up listening to some of today’s legends. Bob Marley, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Common and Prince as his primary influences.

Fadetheblackk has already accomplished many successes. Since 2011, he has dropped over 20 singles. In 2015, hooked up with popular Spanish artist Alla Alibaba, and has produced and worked on over 150 tracks with established and upcoming NYC artist, having 15 songs he worked on placed on Billboard’s charts. In July 2018, he joined Warner Music Group indie platform Level releasing his debut single “Visions”

According to Antonio Rosario, “The idea of my song “Visions” refers to a world in which we live in – my main goal is to open up people eyes to the good, bad and ugly.”