Serial Entrepreneur Anthony Nguyen, CEO of DART Shares His Remarkable Story

Anthony Nguyen, CEO of The DART is a serial entrepreneur in the creative industry of Southern California. His entrepreneurial endeavors have all been an end result of his pursuits for his passions. Anthony commenced his ventures way earlier than his current massive product and has always followed his passions which were forged by the Southern California lifestyle.

He began with his LED toy invention referred to as the SLYNG®, which resulted in the formation of a branding firm known as ONEUP Collaborations®, and his latest creation within the cannabis market called the DART®.

The SLYNG is a visually creative LED toy that is simple, sleek, and compact enough to fit within the pocket which can be used to perform light shows. The original version had a three-light installation and marketed towards EDM festival goers. After jokingly telling his pals that his dream would be to “give light shows” for a living, Anthony started pursuing the dream by means creating his own product. Eventually, he began working on designing the prototype and looked to raise investment through Kickstarter. For the next few months, Anthony and his team were tested via the challenges each entrepreneur faces; they connected and associated with such a huge number of stream professionals and individuals of the performing arts and skill toy world as well as attempted to identify the proper marketing methods to generate sales. The SLYNG had humble beginnings, with parts that were sourced locally in stores. Throughout the years, it has been an important piece of his journey and he has taken his experience in manufacturing, design, and market strategy from building SLYNG to moving it over to his newest venture.

The DART is the cutting-edge one-hitter that was designed to offer a streamlined method to smoking cannabis. They have been featured by means of High Times Magazine, presently in 50 countries, and are running with the largest brands inside the industry. The one-hitter has been around for a while but many were short-lived because of the lack of first-class devices in addition to a number of flaws, which were addressed with the DART. Some of the quality specs include anodized aircraft aluminum for high heat resistance and a built in self-ashing mechanism for easy maintenance. The cannabis chamber allows for precise dosing, conservation of supply, and fresh hits every time. 

Anthony’s objective is to grow his brands while being a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs. He is active in the cannabis community and will continue to do his part in shedding positive light on cannabis use.