Shayan Kaffash, the famous Iranian TikToker, talks about the TikTok application

The TikTok app allows users to make short music videos of 3 to 15 seconds in length. Use pieces of music and special effects to create your incredible video clips containing funny and memorable moments and share them with the world. Record your videos with filters, special effects, funny labels, music, and other features. Over 100 funny emoji tags and unique face filters are available for free to beautify your videos more than ever. TikTok app is a Chinese social medium available for IOS and Android smartphones.

Why has TikTok become so popular these days?

TikTok is a short-video social platform powered by music. Artists who dance, freestyle, or performances are encouraged to release their fantasies and represent themselves freely. TikTok has been developed for the new generation of designers, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly construct amazing short videos to share with friends and the world. TikTok is an innovative cultural model for young developers.