Sheath World is setting the bar making the business, blockchain, and web3 technology connection

Sheath World is setting the bar making the business, blockchain, and web3 technology connection

Sheath World takes pride in their company mission with its main focus being serving their clients, by transforming their businesses into web3 based models. This makes room for their clients to receive crypto payments, simultaneously keeping their fees in the lower range, while keeping high transaction speeds, which will in turn boost their business presence by using NFT’s and smart contracts. This is purposefully being done to create an easy connection between business owners and their bedding audience. This establishes a prosperous  relationship between the brand and its users. 

In addition to the huge steps that Sheath World are taking in this venture, Smart contracts have not been restricted to being partnered with NFT’s only. They have been created to be used as a standalone, giving the user freedom to automate transactions, business functions, fee calculations, payouts, benefit distributions, data tracking and more. Sheath World is pushing forward with all the necessary steps to successfully grow any functional business.

Sheath Worlds is also giving their clients the rare opportunity when it comes to partnering and becoming integrated in their ecosystem. Benefits of the partnership include additional digital content which will then increase their presence and functionality.

With three main components making up Sheath Worlds ecosystem, they have carved out their own little path of success. Those components are as follows, a network of varying industries, NFT based communities, and the $hth Token. The $hth token will be the primary medium to make purchases through the $hth marketplace. Sheath World will have a Pre- ICO launch of the token, on a raffle-based system, which will give all the users that believed in their company, the opportunity to gain high value assets, which is just another form of the service perks that Sheath World will provide. Sheath World is doing something unprecedented in the NFT and web3 lanes. Value and service seem to be the main goal for Sheath World, and with those characteristics at the core of the company they only have good things enlisted in their future.

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