Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure, In the Right Hands

The topic of safeguarding online data is quickly becoming a ‘major topic’ of thought and discussion for many businesses, which is no surprise given the extent that ‘cyber’ thieves will go to these days in order to access information from your business network. There will always be dangers, the important thing to do is to make sure you have the best solutions to limit any future risk;

  1. Don’t over complicate matters

It’s tempting to get carried away with technology, but no matter what anyone says, you should keep it simple and just buy what you actually need, both in terms of features and abilities, use desktop computers as an example: it makes no sense to purchase a computer that just fits your needs only to have to update it in a year or two. If you can afford to then pay extra and get a machine that has the capability of lasting you 5 years or more.

  1. Securing your devices

After you’ve made your decision, you should get some form of protection for your device, if it’s for your business then you’ll want to speak with a specialist IT support team, they might find that your machine has protective software already installed on it, or includes a ‘free’ membership for a year for personal virus protection or such like. That doesn’t always indicate that what you get with the machine is the best for your requirements.

Do some homework and chat with local IT services professionals; they will tell you whether your present security solutions are enough or whether adjustments are required to improve matters. The most important thing to do is to make your network system is as secure as possible, especially if you have employees or visitors whom might access it.

  1. Manage your network access more effectively

Employees will most likely be assigned to distinct roles, and their access privileges must correspond to their job description and responsibilities. A manager, for example, may require controlled file transfer access, although a call handler may not.

If you have team leaders, they will require different credentials than a call handler, the same goes for if there will be visitors and maybe clients at your place of work as well. It may appear straightforward, yet it is an area that is frequently neglected.

To acquire the best protection, there are several tools, strategies, and tactics that are employed by some of the world’s largest organisations that will most likely aid you along the path, consider things like; two step authentication and enhanced protection systems.

Ensuring that passwords are changed regularly and that the passwords are strong enough is crucial, two step authentication by way of a mobile app can also increase your level of security.

What’s best for your Business?

Whilst there may be some internal unrest of employing an outside source for particular IT services, as a business owner you should always focus on what is right for your company, most people find change hard to deal with but, in the long run it usually turns out to have been the smartest move they’ve made.


“Morale Is Low – Here’s How Your Company Can Overcome Covid-19 Funk”

Any business will operate well if those in the workforce are happy. A business is only as good as those who are on the shop floor and in offices. If morale is low and people aren’t performing anywhere near as well as they can, then you’ll have a lot of problems.

Morale is a big shifter in the world of a company looking to grow. If people are down due to a covid-19 funk or because of a general issue within the camp, then it can be difficult to overcome if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Here are a few ideas if you would like to boost the morale of your group and need a little inspiration.

Be A Positive Ray Of Light

Employees bounce off the behavior of those in charge. If you are quiet and miserable a lot of the time, then they’re going to feel the same way. If you don’t feel as though there is much point in coming into work, then how do you expect them to feel? A happy, bubbly, optimistic leader makes for a much brighter team. AkkenCloud CEO and staffing industry expert, Giridhar Akkineni says, “being a positive leader who actively encourages employees to be at their best is the kind of attitude you want to be infectious throughout your organization.”

Invest In New Tech And Software

Even a few new pieces of equipment can do the trick in this regard. If your team is having to work with the same stuff every single day, then they can become bored. Their work will plateau a little and the worn-out tech will slow down. Fresh, new technology can be a godsend for any business.

Insist That Your Door Is Always Open

People love being able to open up to people that they respect or to people that they feel can help. If you ensure that your staff members can be honest and talk about problems, then they’ll be a lot more comfortable in themselves each day.

Remove Bullies And Unpopular Characters

You might think you have a great worker on your team, but that’s not the be-all and end-all. If they’re causing problems for other members of staff, then that’s going to be an issue. If you are able to have a word with them without causing a fuss, then do so. If they will not be changed, then letting go of them will have to be an option.

Introduce Team-Building Days And Exercises

When you do the same things every single day, it can become overly repetitive. This can lead to a lack of motivation and productivity. Team-building days are great as it gets them out of the boring, dull routine and adds a new dimension.

Set Goals For Every Individual As Well As Collectively

People are always more motivated when they have an end goal. If they’re just doing the same things over and over again, it can really put a downer on their mindset. Short-term goals and long-term goals can get people out of bed and motivated to come into the office.

You can’t have a successful business without the people that make it happen. If morale is low and employees are performing poorly, then you might as well close up shop because there will be no growth for your company. But if you want to boost morale, implement these tricks of the trade to get your team back on track so they can do what they were hired for, creating success!


The driving force behind Jason Alvarez-Cohen’s business

For Jason Alvarez-Cohen there were many different aspects to life put aside in order to pursue a career in the technology industry. Friendships, parties, events, Jason feels that in order to create something that adds value to millions of people, you need to put these priorities aside and focus on building a successful company. With this mindset, Jason Alvarez-Cohen has built Popl, the next generation business card.

Jason’s company, Popl, has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from others. The company has a variety of core beliefs, which are summarized here:

Move the needle daily

Popl is a family and we appreciates each other

Celebrate small wins (& sunsets)

Launch, iterate, repeat

Focus on solutions, not problems


Be a self starter

Jason claims that the company has numerous future growth plans, and that he expects to eventually take over the business card space. Popl is currently focused on the individual market, but are soon starting to concentrate on the enterprise sector as well with Popl Enterprise, a multi-Popl management dashboard designed for teams.

Jason may be found on social media (@jasonalco on Instagram and LinkedIn), where you can monitor his progress in the technology world. Jason provides various business ideas and tactics, as well as information about his own company. Keep an eye out for Popl and stay up to date on the most cutting-edge technologies.


How to Promote a Business on Social Media

Use an Online Video Maker To Promote Your Business

In recent years, social media has become a real need for marketers. More than any other new media outlet, social media has fully changed traditional marketing on its head. Messages are sent to potential leads in former outbound marketing tactics, and contact is one-way. So make sure your video creator uses the best tools, such as an online video maker, for each situation.

Users and businesses may speak directly on social media. Both parties can ask things from one other, repost one other’s material, and focus on building connections. To help you get started with social media marketing, here are eight strategies for efficiently promoting your brand on social networks. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, learn more about tools like this one. Online video editor tools are very easy to use while the benefits can be massive.

8 Effective Ways to Use an online video maker to Make a video for your Business and promote it on Social Media

  1. Choose The Right Platforms

There are several social platforms where you may share your work. Every day, the number of videos posted on all social media platforms is astounding. Thus, it is crucial to choose and share your material in the right place on social media More.

Think about your clients when deciding which channels to employ. Set up accounts on the platforms fitted with your target audience so that they can interact. Conduct some research on the best Instagram bot websites to get your target audience. Therefore, you can increase the chance of meeting the right set of viewers.

You should also think about which sites are most suited to your content. YouTube, for example, is an obvious choice for a video production firm. While Instagram is more suitable for beauty and fashion content. Rest assured that an online video maker can offer you ideal video templates for your designated platforms.

  1. Create a Clear Plan 

Last-minute post creation might result in low-quality outcomes. A lack of design of a video editor might result in repetitions or a dip in your presence on one of your channels.

Making content calendars can help you avoid these errors and produce more expert postings. Content schedules also assist you in forming objectives and strategies to attain them and tracking your progress.

  1. Encourage Interaction

Of course, social media should be social. And the word “social” means connecting to others. This does not simply apply to people who visit the website just for entertainment. Online video makers can foster engagement to make use of social competence. Post helpful content, ask questions, and like, repost, and comment on other users’ postings. Bringing out research on your target viewers might also help you find what they could be drawn to.

  1. Be Aware Of Overexposure

Be aware that you can fall into the trap of treating social media too much like traditional ads. Don’t input your product or services in every single post. You must produce content that people will love and desire to see.

It’s okay to promote oneself now and then. In digital marketing, the one-in-seven rule states that for everyone directly promoting a post, six others should be based on that content. You might share stories, comment on current events, or ask a question in the remaining six posts. You don’t have to avoid mentioning your brand all the time in these posts.

  1. Always Be There For Your Customers

By any chance, we always hope you get good responses from clients on social media. But, there’s a chance you may come into contact with unhappy users, angry, or have anything terrible to say about your products or services.

You should always keep track of every time your business is mentioned on social media. Therefore, you can target and resolve issues before they become serious. If you see an issue, make sure that you keep in touch with the users. It can either by apologizing, if required, or by offering to address the problem via messages exchange. People who view the post will know their response but will not have to read all of the details of the problem.

  1. Show Your Value

Showing your value to your users is maybe the most vital aspect you can provide on social media. Create something that your target audience will enjoy consuming. It might be a video that teaches something new, makes them laugh, or is otherwise valuable in some manner. And with the help of an online video maker, those videos are not only fun to watch but also tempting to see.

This part of social media is in charge of drawing the proper clients to your business, or social media channels and allowing content to grow. If you can master this, you’ll be one step closer to a winning plan.

Ideal Social Media Platforms for your brand

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that differs from every other social network on this list. It enables you to keep trusted ties with your peers, mostly with people you’ve met in your work life.

LinkedIn has evolved into the de facto business networking site, connecting millions of people worldwide. It is a great platform to show off yourself to possible partners, develop a profile, and recruit new employees.

LinkedIn may also help you advertise your products and services, locate new clients, and keep tabs on your competitors if used correctly. Many firms have a company page, in addition to an individual’s one.

  1. Twitter

Twitter allows you to post brief messages, links, and photos. You may leave comments on other people’s posts or share them with your network of followers (retweet).

Small companies mostly use Twitter to bring news, links to important website pages, and other content such as blogs and tutorials. Twitter is a great location to bring in consumers and give deals since it is an open place to develop connections. It may also provide you with a voice if you want your brand to have some kind of recognition.

Parting Words

In short, social media is a platform where you can grow your brand from scratch. It is a wide network with plenty of users from all over the world. And that could be an open playground for your business to thrive. 

Videos have been proven to be the most effective form of social media. So get yourself some cool videos with an online video maker. It offers some great features like video templates, royalty-free music, or cool effects that can add some spice to your clips. Online video editors can help you to step up your game compare to other brands in the market. 


Brandon Odom, a person who changed the style of business.

Brandon Odom is a talented and successful entrepreneur who graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2007 and went to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. Brandon served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 years. In 2014, Brandon left the military and became an affiliate marketer. After some spectacular early failures, finally, in the last few years, he has directly coached over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, he has helped people to own profitable affiliate or direct sales businesses online allowing them to walk away from their jobs and he has positively impacted thousands of others through digital training courses, and software they use to run their businesses. At present, he lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, son and daughter.

The journey which led Brandon this far

Brandon started this business because he truly wanted to help people and design his schedule in such a way that he could spend some time with his family. That’s why Brandon intentionally sought to do something online that would give him independence and flexibility with quality family time. Around 6 years ago, from a struggling affiliate marketer to producing multiple 7 figures in online sales and along the way helping others find their paths to personal success using a specific set of digital skills has led Brandon this far.

Over the last 5 years, Brandon has generated over $10 million in sales directly and through multiple digital sales funnels. Odom also runs a lean operation and only have a small team of customer support, developers, and commission-only sales personnel. 

Odom owns the latest brand Super Affiliate Life which showcases his lessons learned through his journey.

Brandon’s Achievements in his life and what he believes…

Brandon is one of the recipients of the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award which is earned by generating at least $1 million in sales through a single funnel. 

Brandon has received 2 Bronze Stars during his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan when he was serving for US Army. Brandon has also achieved top ranks in a global direct sales company.

What Brandon believes in

“I think you learn a lot more wisdom from failure than success”

“Money is only a by-product, not a goal.”

Lessons learnt by Brandon

Brandon has learnt a lot of things about digital marketing such as copywriting, email marketing, media buying, sales funnel design and optimization, and sales system creation have contributed to his success in multiple verticals. Brandon also said that every person in this world should learn the basic norms of the digital market as it is going to be very useful for everyone to earn a good livelihood by staying close to their family.


How to Avoid Complacency When Growing Your Business

Eric Walsh, an uber-successful entrepreneur and 7-figure Amazon seller, is sharing the step-by-step secrets of his success with the public. We sat down with Eric to get the scoop on his journey to enormous Amazon success. He discussed the dangers of complacency—a trap he fell into himself when first starting his business in his small hometown of Danbury, Connecticut.

“Everyone has a different barometer in their head of what success is to them,” Eric began. “Whether it’s a healthy relationship, friends, family, money, power— you name it, it’s different for everyone. When it comes to money, success to you maybe $100k a year, maybe $500k, or maybe $10 million. At 21 years old, I built brick and mortar stores in my town. Everyone who lived there knew and respected me for my business.”

For Eric, the downside of owning a business in a small town was that the support and excitement he received from those around him wound up harming his outlook in the long run as a business owner.

“Because I had success at an early age before I was fully mature, it was easier to lean into the compliments that made me feel like I had accomplished everything I needed to accomplish. The “I’m the man” feeling stunted my growth by putting an artificial limit on things. I was not mature enough to understand or realize this at the time,” Eric explained.

What helped Eric make this realization was his move to Manhattan. In the city that never sleeps, you could be making hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and you’re still considered a nobody. Eric found the fast pace of the city to be very inspirational. He was eager to meet and connect with people that he could learn from and grow with.

“It made me realize how complacent I had become in my own business, and that there was so much more I wanted to work on and accomplish in my life,” he continued. “I’ve only told a few of my closest friends the feeling that I felt while I was living in Manhattan. Despite living in the biggest, most popular city in the world, at times I never felt more alone in my life. I’ve always been a very independent person and I never like to rely on anybody else but myself. Finding myself in that situation helped build my character.

“I think it’s an important role that everyone needs to feel in their life at some point. Too many of us are scared of doing things alone. The sooner you can survive and live on your own, the sooner you’ll empower yourself and build the confidence to do absolutely anything you put your mind to.”

In Eric’s perspective, relationships are exactly like businesses. As soon as people get complacent and comfortable in their relationship, they stop growing as a couple. The same thing applies in business. When you get comfortable with the income, the setup, the scheduling, or the weekly tasks, you start to forget to grow.

“People stay in toxic relationships because they lack respect for themselves. They live in fear because they question: ‘Am I good enough for someone else?’ Or, ‘Will I ever meet somebody else?’ They figure they might as well just stay where they are because they’re afraid that their life won’t improve,” Eric explained. “But by staying in a toxic relationship, life will only get worse. The same applies in business. If you know something is wrong with your business, like a manager that isn’t getting the job done after being given multiple chances, but you refuse to take action, your business will only go backward.”

Eric’s best advice to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs: Be aware of how you measure success and the effect people around you are having on your success. It could hinder you as it did him. For Eric, the compliments of his small town’s inhabitants slowed him down on his way up by making him complacent.

“Imagine you have a goal to make $10k in a month and you manage to hit that goal. Don’t allow the praise of those around you to hinder you just because you reached your goal (though of course, you should be proud of your success). Be aware that these complements could potentially hinder you in the same way they did for me,” said Eric. “To continue to grow your business and experience more and more success as I have done, you must always avoid complacency. In doing only this, you are creating endless potential for your business and your life.”

To learn how to become a successful Amazon seller, enroll in Eric Walsh’s Genius Academy Masterclass. The class has helped hundreds of people just like you create a five, six, even seven-figure passive income stream, giving them the financial and personal freedom to better enjoy their lives. Learn more and sign up here.


6 Powerful-Important Questions to Ask Your Long-distance Movers

When choosing the right moving companies, you often need experience one. First thing you need to make sure the company you are dealing with is not a broker. Moving brokers are just hanging around to see con people like you if you are not keen.

Therefore, before deciding the company to use, prepare the critical questions to asker movers to help you understand them more. Here are some of the problems to keep in mind at first.

1. Is your moving company adequately licensed? 

You must ask the company you are using if it is qualified to move around the world. You can do all that by verifying the company status online. It would help if you eliminated the movers conning others in the market by asking for the license. Do not attempt to hire a moving company that fails to provides you with properly licensed to move on the road.

2. How long does the moving company been in the business?

This is one of the most critical questions to ask how long is the trucker has been operating. This helps you to know whether the company is an experience or not. It is essential to hire a moving company that has been around for many years working.

A hiring company with a long term history can guarantee you with excellent moving service. Try to get the mover that has experience in the business. The record evidence of the company delivers goods in terms of the right conditions.

3. Does the moving company request deposit?

Most of the top best moving companies will request that you pay company deposit. This is used to assure the company that you are serious about moving when you paid the deposit.

Payday loan consolidation helps you to borrow the money you can use to pay for your deposit and move at the right time. The movers are used to compensate the company for the loss if the owner cancels the booking for specific periods. 

 Each every moving company you hire comes with their policy to follow. If the charging deposit is higher, you can still look for a different mover around you. 

The average price of the deposit should not be excluded from other budgets. You should pay the full amount when you know the seller or worked before. 

Note, do not pay full payment upfront for the company you are using the first time you do not know their services. 

4. Do you have the necessary equipment?

When hiring a professional mover company to help you move, you expect full service to handle various movers types.  

If the company you hire part of the sub-contract, you will need tools to help. 

Do you need to understand the moving bulk for the furniture of household appearance? All that need the staff is ready, and you can move freely. 

5. How does the moving company handle disputes? 

Ask the moving company how they handle complainer in case of any problem arises. The top-rated company has ways of settling disputes and agreements with their clients. The professional mover companies have a better way of solving the issues. Do not hesitate to ask the question you need for the right movers. 

After moving your house items, you can now transit between two homes. 

6. What hidden costs you can expect from moving company 

Here is another important question you need to ask the moving company about other costs. You ask the moving company about hidden moving fees in advance. Your mover may choose to charge you an extra fee to handle bulky items like the pool table and many more.

Final words 

I hope this post helps you to know some of the critical questions you should ask the moving company before hiring their service. This is also important to understand how long distance movers operates and deals with their clients. 


Joshua J. Anderson Shares His Success Story: What Can We Learn?

From poker to real estate and everything in-between, cars or technology, Joshua had something for everyone and the insights provided from those experiences may help some and may be frowned upon by others.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Joshua Anderson was a kid with big dreams and hopes for his future. Having no fancy cars or expensive houses, as a kid, he was fascinated by exotic cars and big houses. There was a time when his friend’s parents had a Benz and a BMW and he was in awe over it when he’d see them.

It all started when his mother kicked him out when he was 13, telling him he’d never been anything but a failure and it was at that moment that he decided he wouldn’t stop for anything. From getting evicted from a rental apartment to living in an $18,000/mo apartment and flying private around the country; Joshua’s life is a thrill rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

Consistency & Taking Risks

A never-give-up attitude is crucial to success. There are times when a person feels disappointed and just wants to give up. Joshua explains that the biggest challenge he faced when starting up his new business was instability, especially when your livelihood depends on its success.

Without taking risks, there is no reward. High risk, high reward, is always an exhilarating process consisting of long hours and sweaty situations. That’s also what makes starting a business fun; nothing is fun if it’s easy.


Without having a team of like-minded people, there is a very low chance to succeed. A team is very crucial to uplift a company’s growth, as it’s never a one-man job. Team-building is difficult because you need to find like-minded people that you work well with but at the same time, they need to all carry their own strengths.

Everyone needs to be different, with an entirely different mindset but the same ambitions. If everyone does the same thing well then you’ll be a one-trick pony that won’t be capable of getting much further than the starting point.

Getting Through Hardships

The one thing that limits a person ability to get through hardships is self-doubt, the urge to give up because you stop believing. As long as you know you’re capable of achieving your goal, there’s no reason to give up on the target. Even though you may be beaten down, several times, in the process, as long as you continue pushing forward you’ll eventually succeed.

Joshua Explains: “When you grow up with adversity you understand that regardless of how difficult times maybe, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere — anything can be overcome with an adequate amount of persistence as long as you don’t lose focus.”



Upcoming Entrepreneur Meharyar Khan is currently making an outstanding income compared to not only the average teenager, but the average Pakistani worker. He chooses to generate this money from the famous social media platform Instagram & Telegram where he’s managed to build up his own agency to drive traffic on Instagram using a fluid network. Not only that but Khan’s reputable business grants him trust in the community.

The 24 year old who started at 14 can happily boast of having the largest Instagram page out of anyone in Pakistan that has a massive Western audience.

There are lots and lots of teens/young adults out there trying to make it in the online game but Meharyar Khan has been in the game for a very long time. Therefore, he’s also very experienced with social media as he’s been doing it for an extensive period of time. While he’s aspiring to become an Entrepreneur Khan is a name that we’ll all be hearing very soon.

Given how young Meharyar still is right now, we are sure to see a lot more coming from this Instagrammer in the coming months and years. As the person with the largest following in Pakistan with regards to having a Western audience, Meharyar has figured out what content people around the world love and enjoy seeing more of.

Meharyar sees these growth methods still working today, and ones to consider using to grow an audience, especially for a theme page like his. He believes that if he started today, he could still become as successful as he is today with his theme pages, even if it would take some time.

You can check out Meharyar’s most popular Instagram theme page, Jokeshub, by heading over to @jokeshub and follow for funny memes. You can also follow his personal IG page @meharyar.


How Holly Cutler’s Skin Woes Led To Starting Her Own Business

What was a major challenge you had to overcome to get to where you are today?

One of the biggest challenges I dealt with was my skin. I had severe cystic acne that nothing seemed to help. Eventually I discovered an amazing aesthetician who finally cleared up my cystic acne. From that moment, I wanted to know how I could repair my skin at the cellular level to fix the years of scarring my acne left behind. Eventually, I was able to repair 80% of my own acne scarring. This was a huge boost to my self-esteem and really encouraged me to start a clinic of my own, where I could help others achieve the same results.

What drives you to keep working hard each day?

Having a purpose larger than myself. I go to work each day knowing that what I do really makes a difference in the lives of others. It’s a lot easier to feel connected to what you do when you know you’re creating value.

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

I would have managed my stress better. It takes such a toll on all aspects of your life, especially your health and relationships. I would’ve had more faith that even in the face of extreme challenges, things would work out. And I would’ve spent more time with my husband and kids.

Be sure to follow Holly on Instagram and Facebook.