Shiny Benjamin’s positivity and the teacher hood takes her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES organized by AwardsArc.

Teachers are, for no doubt, the pillars of society but they are never taken seriously for an instance. Like all the teachers, Shiny Benjamin, a teacher who’s going out of the blue with her thoughts and works and made her way to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Shiny belongs to a family of Teachers. She’s been working alongside her mother in Carmel School as English teacher since 2013.

Being a teacher is always a pleasant journey which helps you develop yourself as a better person. Shiny Benjamin is a very positive person. She chose this profession by seeing her mother who worked as a teacher in the same school she’s teaching now. Shiny is also penning her thoughts from sometime. She participated in many competitions organised by “Your Quote” and she’s been co-author of some anthologies.

Her writings were widely appreciated by people and she also won Awards for them like She Awards 2021, Most deserving award and Prestigious literary Award.

Shiny has a very positive outlook towards hurdles of life. She says ,”Joy of victory come only when we face problems”. and I too have seen many ups and downs in my life either it is my profession or my passion. People around you will neither stand in support for you nor they will compliment you for your work”.

Shiny was a normal writer and she was looking for a way to show her talent to the world and then she was introduced to YourQuote and from there her journey started from a regular writer to an Awardee. Shiny also suffered Major Health issues but she came up with all of that. She wishes to develop herself by honouring all the honest criticism and working on herself to be the best. Shiny says, “I too had faced where I got lots of positive comments and honest criticism but I welcome it gladly and bravely in my life. Sycophancy or sycophantic behaviour will never bring the best side of yours.”

Shiny Benjamin wishes to be a writer who brings change in other’s life and because of her outlook towards everything she is one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We need more people like Shiny Benjamin in this world.