Shutdown Events: Learn How Chris Sarchet Bell Intends To Advance The Entertainment Industry

Shutdown Events: Learn How Chris Sarchet Bell Intends To Advance The Entertainment Industry

It is popularly said that entertainment alleviates the fear of life, while art vanquishes the fear of death. Undoubtedly, entertainment is the soul of any lively culture because it has the power to mould and influence the cultural pattern of the people.

Chris Sarchet Bell is a leading example that portrays how entertainment can be used to achieve a justifiable course. The founder of Shutdown Events, a brand that focuses on the younger market to create a platform that allows young adults and teenagers to express themselves in a fun-filled environment that is free from violence, intoxication and all forms of social vices.

Offering Value:

The most important aspect of the concerts and programs organized by Chris Sarchet and his Shutdown Events team is that they are value-driven. As a brand, they bring changes to the social norms in a positive way. These events give young adults the experience they need and seek in the entertainment world.

“We offer the night of your life for 14 to 17 years old before they are legally allowed to go out to events”. Chris states.

He further explained that his brand aims to solve social problems by educating kids and young adults. 

“We educate kids that they don’t have to drink to have a good time”.

Advancing the Industry:

Through the Shutdown events, it is pertinent to say that Chris Sarchet Bell is putting the United Kingdom’s entertainment industry on the world map. What began as a little project from Burnley, in 2014, has gained local and global acknowledgement. As customers and attendees are drawn from out of the town and further. 

“With every occasion, an increasing number of individuals were discussing us. Within half a year, we expanded into a subsequent territory and after eight months, we were in another four urban communities”. Chris says.

In no time, this achievement elevated Shutdown to a status of being recognized as the United Kingdom’s biggest driving U18s brand. At present, Chris and his group go on a global tour every two or three months as they organize occasions from country to country. 

Also, it is seen that Chris and his brand are creating a synergy in the entertainment industry by advocating for unity and togetherness in thriving to achieve a common goal. He says:

“We unite probably the greatest names in the music business, originally, we would bring PAs from the most famous reality television shows, paint and foam parties, confetti parties and so on. But now, it is all about bringing those acts that you thought you wouldn’t see, in wild theme venue transformations and huge production with fire, pyros and laser shows”.

Challenges Faced:

However, just as every other successful thing, Shutdown’s achievements did not come without major obstacles. The brand faced problems of gaining the trust of the local council, parents and guardians. It took a lot of convincing that a concert filled with underage kids will not be detrimental. Also, the issue of getting approval for venues was a major obstacle.

“Getting venues and the councils to say yes and trust us to run an event safely without issues in and outside the venue was an obstacle” Chris states.