4 Ways Mehendi Design Can Change Your Look

4 Ways Mehendi Design Can Change Your Look

The wedding season is almost here, which means lots of shopping, makeup, festivities and of course—mehendi! It’s impossible to imagine an Indian wedding without beautiful, henna adorned hands. In fact, with the new normal, this is the best time to play up the rest of your look instead of focusing too much on your makeup because most of it will be covered by a mask anyway. So, sit back and relax because we’re here to tell you how you can take any look from drab to fab with some henna on your hands.

  1. Make Your Henna Truly Yours


    This detail oriented mehendi design takes customisation to the next level by incorporating your favourite memories. The arms have been adorned with monuments from cities you visited together. It also depicts a sky with twinkling stars and a plane representing the journeys you will embark on. There’s also enough space to trace the name of the groom and the bride. The rest of the mehndi design has been kept very traditional with lotus flowers, coconuts and portraits of the groom and bride. This design is the one to go for if you want to stand out!

  2. Let Your Mehendi Seek Divine Blessings For You


    Absolutely captivating, this mehndi design depicts Lord Krishna and Radha in all their glory, showering their blessings upon the groom and the bride as they perform the wedding rituals. The deities have been drawn precisely, and adorned with jewels. Mehendi is more than just a design on the hands, it has auspicious significance. And this mehendi design truly embodies that. It also features two lotus flowers in full bloom, which are a symbol of prosperity. Not only is this design a delight to look at, it will also elevate the look of your wedding dress with its mythical charm.

  3. All About the Lace


    Lace glove mehendi design has been a bridal trend for a while now, but if you want to take your mehendi to the next level, this design can be your number one inspiration. It covers the back of the palm in a sultry, delicately detailed lace pattern with close knit motifs and very precise artistry. The index finger is a focal point of interest, as it features a ring inspired design which will look absolutely stunning under an actual ring. Unapologetically feminine and extremely refined, this mehndi design is truly fit for a princess!
  1. A Medley of Motifs


    Traditions are always in style, and you can never go wrong with a good old ethnic mehendi design such as this one. It begins with portraits of the groom and the bride, and what follows is a lovely combination of paisleys, mandalas, elephants, peacocks and vines. If you are opting for a fully traditional look with a red lehenga and gold jewellery, a mehendi design that is rooted in traditional style will pair the best with your outfit and will actually enhance your look.

Well! Now you know how mehendi can totally transform your look. Which technique will you try out?