Six Restaurant Marketing Tips To Drive-Thru Revenue During Covid-19

Six Restaurant Marketing Tips To Drive-Thru Revenue During Covid-19

Now is the best time to take advantage of online marketing strategies for your restaurant. Whether you offer on-premise dining or takeout options, simple marketing activities will help you stay top of the mind of your guests. In this article, we share innovative marketing tips to drive your restaurant sales during COVID 19

Update Your Customers Regularly

Keeping your restaurant business active during unprecedented time requires more than typical marketing strategies. For one thing, it is essential to inform your customers about their food ordering options. Secondly, you should also tell them about alternative dining options or the food safety and sanitation measures you provide. Keeping them informed not only reassures them but also keeps your business alive during COVID -19.

You may be offering direct takeout and delivery options to your customer, or perhaps through other food delivery services. Updating your customers daily on this information helps them decide what’s right for them.

Emphasize on Food Safety

Today, emphasizing the concerns for food safety and informing your customers about the steps you are taking to address the situation is crucial. It is essential to share updates on the particular cleaning procedures that you have taken for food safety. Furthermore, stay on top of the market by highlighting your restaurant’s new sick leave policy or approving paid time off for employees that are helping to minimize the risks. Whether you are looking for southern breakfast favorites, to barbecue, upscale fine dining from French to Italian, steakhouse, Asian or Mexican cuisines, and seafood to fusion best restaurants Birmingham, AL has it all!

Share Your Initiatives Triumphantly

Share every single initiative that your restaurant is taking during the COVID 19. Voice out your initiative no matter how small or big it is. If you are carrying extra sanitary precautions in the kitchen or approving paid time-off for your employee, consider posting the details on social media triumphantly. These strategies and concrete gestures help customers stay aware of how well you responded during the crisis.

Stay On Top Of The Market By Appealing To The Human Side.

Try to appeal to the human side by spreading smiles among the community. For example, some restaurants made Christmas day special among orphanage schools by offering meals, and they share the love and happiness in their social feeds. This type of social initiative during COVID-19 appeals to the human side more, and they’ll remember to appreciate it. 

Get Busy Creating Compelling Contents

Now is the time to promote your restaurant business with compelling content and online restaurant marketing strategies. When it comes to advertising your restaurants online, nothing beats the level of engagement that you may receive just by posting beautiful pictures of delicious foods. 

Provide unique loyalty programs such as food discounts as a part of regular content. Post contents on immune-boosting foods or share update on how you are winterizing your patio for ample outdoor dining. Share the stunning pictures of beloved dishes or the most like food menu pictures from your restaurant album.

Host Live Cooking Shows

Host live talk shows with social media influencers or your fans on what type of meals they feel good to cook during the home quarantine. Don’t forget to go live on Facebook at least once a week with a talk show or show them how you make a dish at your restaurant.