Solutions to Deal with Changes = Human Accompaniment for Companies and Employees Affected by Reorganizations, Restructurings, and Acquisitions & Changes:

Solutions to Deal with Changes = Human Accompaniment for Companies and Employees Affected by Reorganizations, Restructurings, and Acquisitions & Changes:


At the beginning of this year, many companies are undergoing changes in their organization. Whether they are restructurings, reorganisations, whether in the context of acquisition or corporate mergers or for any other reason. These changes often induce staff reductions, changes in functions, optimisation of systemic and operational processes… and sometimes also provoke an increase of the overload of activities, which leads to hire a large number of employees at the same time.

If the maintenance of a business strategy makes these changes necessary for the survival of the groups, management must be aware to support employees humanely during these phases of changes.


Indeed, employees in the field are having a hard time coping with these difficult times, whatever the nature of these changes. For example: Announcing the disappearance of some jobs, without any other alternative to the employees. This exercise of announcing to the collaborator concerned the end of their function and the willingness to terminate their activities is one of the most difficult managerial exercises.

Finally, Executives, Managers and Employees suffer just as much from this kind of changes. And yet, it is still “Taboo” to talk about these realities.


Taking the time to write few words today is a desire to send a strong message to the CEOs, management and human resources concerned by these changes:

There are ways to keep doing things in the most human way.

There are solutions that external management has been deploying for several years to offer solutions to companies when faced with this type of situation. In recent years, managers and specialists have positioned themselves as external consultants and have developed measures to accompany these changes in order to protect individuals, whatever their hierarchical level.

From now on, you can offer your employees HUMAN ACCOMPANIMENTS:


These human accompaniments are becoming essential when facing future changes in organisations and the consolidation of business strategy plans, because they have the advantage of protecting employees and giving meaning to what we do.

New professions are therefore appearing on the network, often propelled by former directors, managers, technicians (…) with a wealth of successful experiences, who have been mobilising themselves over the last few years to create solutions in which the human factor ,once again, becomes a priority.

Thus, you will find, among others:

  • Specialists in Emotional Intelligence whose job is to help you tame your emotions and live them better.
  • Specialists in “accompaniment care” whose job is to accompany you when you are suffering from an illness during your professional career.
  • Career support specialists whose job is to inform you about the job market and help you identify your career goals.
  • Specialists in job search assistance, whose job is to help you contact employers and find a job.
  • Specialists in career development support, whose job is to provide a vision of the systemic career path, in order to accompany companies in the evolution of their business lines.

…a non-exhaustive list (…)


The Eyes Of concept was created to make visible these new solutions, which are being developed thanks to the initiative of many experts.

Thus, we highlight, the Career Support Eyes Of , which offers a structure in 3 phases, in which it integrates a scientific, logical and plural reasoning:

The first step (emotional coaching) allows the employee to avoid isolation and bringing problems home, to put words to what he is experiencing and to better live his emotions. This is a crucial step, because it allows the employee to go on new missions having “digested” and tamed these emotions (…).

The second step is to be accompanied by career coaches, whose role is to allow a better visibility of today’s job market, to know the mistakes to be avoided, and to judiciously direct you towards the appropriate tools, according to the professional objective to be reached. This step is extremely rich in information, which must be ingested and applied in new ways of doing things in order to switch to actor mode.

Finally, the third step is the market positioning strategy. Several ways exist, so which one should I take? Knowing one’s professional environment, the actors, the novelties, (…) are so many criteria to be taken into account that it is wise to surround oneself with recruiters and appropriate headhunters.


You will have understood it, the structure of Eyes Of accompaniment is also an innovative structure responding to new forms of organization. Indeed, the coordination of interventions of several specialists around common values allows us to work in respect with all the actors. Here too, new professions will appear: career ambassadors, career pathfinder, godfathers of hearts (cf. subject of a future article).

These solutions of human accompaniment do not exist in companies, nor with consulting or interim agencies. It is now important for companies to realize that it will become essential to make their business model more humanizing by integrating these solutions into their organization.

Be careful, these career guidance specialists are not competitors of the placement specialists (Interim, Consultants, Headhunters… etc.)because their job is to spend time with the person to advise them, so that the talent has a CV in their image and is comfortable in their approach to proposing services and not only focused on the client’s request. Of course, in the future, partnership contracts will emerge to allow recruiters access to the coaches’ databases, which will be able to warn when a talent is available and emotionally ready.


When you are undergoing major changes, I invite you to offer to your employees concerned a career support (the Eyes Of type, that is integrating the three phases). This type of service allows the company to maintain a professional image, consolidates the moral values and offers a humane way out, since the accompaniment is done individually to preserve the individual.

For the forward-thinkers, we know that in the future, the competition for selecting a talent will make it difficult to keep our best people. Only companies that opt for this kind of service will attract the best candidates. Indeed, let us not forget that during this digital transition, an intergenerational transition is hiding in the background, and the future generation will opt for those actors who dare to put more humanity back into their actions and not only into their words.


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