Sona Samipoor’s song “Gole Khakestari” rises up and above in the music charts of the music space.

Sona Samipoor’s song “Gole Khakestari” rises up and above in the music charts of the music space.

She is confident in her journey ahead as a singer and is working on many new tracks currently.

There are a few people who take years to realize what their hearts seek, and then there are a few others who understand the very purpose of their lives and jump into their desired industries at a very young age to start building a successful career for themselves. Who better than Sona Samipoor to serve as an example here? This young beauty and an even more beautiful singer is the one who followed her dreams and instincts and paved her own path to success and growth in the music space, which is a highly competitive industry. With one of her viral tracks, “Gole Khakestari,” she has tried to do her best to connect with people and, in the process, has won their hearts.

Gole Khakestari by Sona Samipoor has become a viral song that radiates the genius of this singer, who has set out her own path to growth and success and who has been leaving no stone unturned in doing that. She says that one of the reasons listeners have been loving this track of her is its authenticity, with original beats in every musical piece. This particular song has gone ahead in even compelling music lovers and listeners to get hooked to the song, and this has what added to Sona Samipoor’s confidence to keep creating songs that truly have the power to transport people to a musical paradise from where they never want to return.

“If my song connects with even a single person at the very deep corner of his/her heart, I would feel I have added value to their lives,” says the passionate singer, who absolutely loves her work and now can’t wait to yet again get into the studio to give her soulful voice to many other songs. She is also the one, who has rocked several events, shows and received accolades for the same as a singer. Sona Samipoor, with songs like Gole Khakestari, has tried to make her mark, and the kind of love and appreciation she is getting from people is commendable.

She is excited to work on many other incredible tracks right now and win many more hearts.