Stefano Cicchini, the best influencer marketing manager in Italy

Stefano Cicchini, the best influencer marketing manager in Italy

People tend to have confidence in expert or fellow recommendations than conventional ads like TV commercials when making decisions on travel purchase. The reason behind this is spontaneous; People are trying to find genuine advice and tend to ignore conventional advertising with self-promotional ads as you have seen on TV, banner, brochure, newspaper, and magazine.

You can work with your influencers to enhance your brand loyalty, positive awareness, excellent testimonials, and boost sales. It is best to let them know about any upcoming deals of your product or service and let them know the promotional codes to share with their audiences.

Keeping contact with your influencers will give you valid data of their followers and potential customers which includes their basic needs, expectations, and motivations when choosing a product or service offered by your influencers. Using this data to your benefit might enhance the overall experience and may also provide you with the information to find out what is needed to open a new market for your products or services.

If you run business in Italy and you are trying to boost your brand and sales of your product and service. Then Stefano Cicchini is the right person to partner with. He is considered to be one of best influencer marketing manager in Italy. He runs Instagram for his daily activities and business. With the multitude of wonderful photos, restaurant and hotel reviews, along with city guides, he is rated highly in the social media marketing community. Featuring a 161 thousands followers on his Instagram, he undoubtedly has the reach.

He has made a lifestyle brand that focuses on adventure, food blogging, luxury travel, and solo travel. The stunning photos in his feed highlight wonderful settings and destinations.

He was also a brand ambassador that has collaborated with almost every well-known international brand such as Mercedes Benz, Toyota, eBay, Greenpeace, and many others and rates his position as among the best 250 Italian influencers with more than 161 thousand IG followers. His feed contains a fascinating travel mix of cityscapes, land, cars, restaurants, self-portraits, and hotels.

With his words of mouth, it can be a rewarding digital marketing approach for growing restaurant and hotel brand awareness and visibility, driving direct bookings and customer loyalty. This is because Stefano Cicchini has loyal fans and followers and has the possibility to reach a much larger audience.

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