Sticky Rice: Bona Fide Thai Food and a Bona Fide success story

Sticky Rice: Bona Fide Thai Food and a Bona Fide success story

The UAE-based restaurant has already made its mark in Dubai, and now, with its newest opening in Abu Dhabi, it garners more headlines.

A few exceptional entrepreneurs never followed the footsteps of other established names in their industry. Instead, they drew their own path to growth, all on their own, to achieve unconventional success. This only sounds easier than it actually is, but a few professionals and business owners chose to walk on the less-trodden paths to gain their desired success. Who better than Mo Abedin to serve as an example here with his quintessential Thai restaurant, Sticky Rice? Well, this passionate creative and a restauranteur with his brand has recently garnered many headlines with its newest opening in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall.

Sticky Rice has, over the years, remained a well-known F&B brand in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle, and now, with its entry into Abu Dhabi’s F&B market, has only excited food lovers and Thai cuisine enthusiasts even more. It is indeed a Bona Fide Thai outlet creating Bona Fide success in the ever-evolving and highly competitive restaurant industry across the UAE, where there has been no dearth of other big players. 

Their duck mascot “Kew” has given a unique image to the Thai restaurant and has remained an easily recognized brand across outlets and even on social media. Why a duck, you wonder? Well, the mascot is called “Kew” because that’s how “Mama” (Amena Rakkuson – the founder’s late mother) pronounces “Cute” with her Thai accent. The first time she saw her mascot, she said, “It’s so Kew.” Kew and his playful nature highly inspire the whole restaurant. Hence, the entire vibe of the space is relaxed, simple and comfortable.

The team consists of Mo Abedin, his wife Nina Fahmi and sister Maryam Abedin who pride themselves in calling it a small family-run Thai restaurant with a big personality and passion for serving nothing but Bona Fide Thai food and desserts, the fresh Thai ingredients of which are specially flown into the country. The whole kitchen staff at Sticky Rice is Thai, and all their food is a labor of love made from the highest quality ingredients. Also, they choose to source locally whenever they can.

It (@stickyriceae) is all about Emirati family fun, serving some rich and flavorful dishes like Seafood Tom Yum, Pad See Ew Pak, Spicy Kaeng Keaw Wan, Sticky Tamarind Wings, Green Curry, Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Soft Serve Ice Cream dishes, Som Tum Thai and also a series of seafood platters. Abu Dhabi’s outlet has a special sweet dish, a Thai Roti stuffed with Nutella, Bananas and condensed milk.