Stunning face with no plastic surgery? It’s possible at FaceGlow Skincare & Laser!

Stunning face with no plastic surgery? It’s possible at FaceGlow Skincare & Laser!

A cozy beauty salon at 108 W 39th street suite 1601 New York, NY 10018 is a place where every woman can enhance her youth and beauty. 


A team of skincare experts at FaceGlow Skincare & Laser are proficient in a range of beauty tools and custom techniques (skin resurfacing, exfoliation etc.) that will get you feeling and looking your best. 


We have spoken with the founder and owner of FaceGlow Skincare & Laser Nadiya Levandovych to get her to share a few professional secrets and tell us all about staying beautiful without having to go under a knife. 


  • Nadiya, are you a skincare specialist by trade?
  • Yes, I have a license in the field and 12 years of experience. Before that, I worked as a medical assistant for 12 years and that’s how I got curious in finding better ways to help people without relying on medications or surgery. 


  • What about people you employ? Are they certified in this field?
  • Absolutely. Everyone on our team is a licensed esthetician and we all are certified in all the modalities we use. Safety and transparency are our core values!


  • You do a lot of  HydraFacial treatments. Why is it so popular with your clients? 
  • Yes, it is very popular. Essentially, HydraFacial is a unique cosmetic procedure that utilizes vacuum and high-grade serum to deeply cleanse external skin layers and pores. As a result, your skin becomes nicely moisturized and lifted. 


  • How often do you recommend getting this procedure done?
  • We recommend getting it on a monthly basis.

Any recommendations before the procedure?

  • Yes, it’s very important to make sure you stop using any glycolic or retinol based serums and creams at least 72 hours before the procedure.


  • Why do you recommend that?
  • To protect your skin from allergic reactions and over-exfoliation.


  • I heard you also offer the trendy buccal massage. 
  • Yes, it’s an excellent face lifting procedure. This is a technique where the work is being done inside the mouth and benefits include more elasticity in skin, relaxing the spasms in cheeks, removing swelling and tightening the oval of the face.
    It will tone up your facial musculs and get rid of sagginess. 


  • What products do you use during massages? 
  • My favorite is jojoba oil but we obviously use other types of oils and butters depending on the client’s skin type. For dry skin, we like to use shea butter 


  We use jojoba or cbd facial oils which are do not  clog  pores. 


  • You’re choosing a custom approach for each client?
  • Yes, we use a questionnaire to determine each client’s needs and problem areas and design a custom treatment based off of that. 


  • What does the first day in your salon look like for a new client? 
  • We start with a free consultation and then decide on the treatment, tools and methods. 


  • I see you have two types of laser machines in your office. What is the difference between them and what treatments are they used for?
  • The SplendorX machine is used for laser hair removal.
    The second one is Aerolase, which is used for face and body treatments such as post-acne scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma , and rosacea. 


  • Do you require a written note from a doctor to qualify for your treatments? 
  • No, no doctor’s permission is necessary. We do not accept insurance.


  • What types of scars do you not treat and which type can you help to improve? 
  • We don’t treat keloid and hypertrophic scars. 
  • With other types of scars, we do laser treatments,microneedling or TCA cross peel,
  • we can improve the scarring up to an 80%  
  • How do you comply with sanitary measures?
  • We make sure to disinfect all appliances and equipment after each use. We also use a UV sanitizer, autoclave and other CDC approved measures.

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve encountered in your experience? 

  • We had a client with a bad case of inflamed acne. But we managed to help her get rid of it without any antibiotics. My hope for the future is that we will continue helping our clients to keep their skin healthy and live happier lives because of that.
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