How StocksToTrade Makes Trading Easier for the Casual Trader

How StocksToTrade Makes Trading Easier for the Casual Trader

The image many of us have of a stock trader is of the Wall Street pro who spends their days in front of a screen, making calls and watching the market. While this image has endured for decades and there are certainly professional traders, the last few years have seen more everyday people try out stock trading to build assets and an extra income. 

It is no longer usual for a person to spend some time after finishing their day job to trade a few stocks in the hope of supplementing their income. There is, however, a noticeable gap between the profits made by casual traders and pros. 

Perhaps the biggest factor for this is the difference in time that can be dedicated to trading, as well as the tools at their disposal. While the Wall Street player can spend all day trading, your average Joe or Jill might only have an hour before bed. 

The good news is that modern trading platforms are finding more and more ways to work around this and to help casual traders maximize their time while offering top-notch tools. One of these is the trading site StocksToTrade.  

What Stocks to Trade Offers Customers 

Two of the biggest things that take up traders’ time when it comes to making market moves is doing research about the stock in question and predicting its next price movements. These two things are made much faster and simpler by STT.

First, STT provides all the relevant information about a stock conveniently on its dashboard, Thus including its corporate leadership, its SEC filings, latest press releases, and so on. This means there is no need to search manually and sort through pages upon pages or data to get a clear view of the company’s information. 

Users also do not need to manually search for the stocks themselves. STT has a dedicated filter system that lets users search using whatever criteria they want, including industry and past market movement. If a user wants to find pharmaceutical stocks that have seen a spike in price over the last year, they can do this easily. 

For those who don’t want o built their own screeners from scratch, there are pre-built ones that are designed by top traders for others to follow. While STT helps users find out information about stocks easily, it allows them to track and predict price movements instantly. 

This is done through STT’s ORACLE, an algorithm that analyses thousands of market movements and stocks and shows the user which stocks are seeing similar patterns. If, for example, a stock showed a sudden price movement after a certain world event several times in the past, the ORACLE will show the user other stocks that are showing the same trajectory. This way, the user does not need to do what would have been days or weeks of research to establish a pattern.

What’s more, the ORACLE also shows what range of price movement is likely. Using this information, the user can decide on their own if the stock is worth buying into or not. 

The Art of Casual Trading 

While career traders can spend a lot of time watching the market, casual traders might only have a few minutes or hours in a day to spare. With tools like STT, they will only really need this among of time.

All the tedious tasks of research, searching, and compilation are done for them and all they have to do is make their investment decision. With STT, the gap in profits can be closed for casual traders and a better experienced crated.