Styling Tips to Help You Rock Those Leggings

Styling Tips to Help You Rock Those Leggings

These stretchy pants that follow the contours of your whole leg make a great staple piece in your wardrobe. Some special leggings even come with extra-stretch to help you with tummy control, giving you an amazing silhouette. If you think leggings are only for pregnant women, older women seeking to hide their tummy bulge or fit women who go to the gym, then think again. 

These bottoms are appropriate for all ages, shapes, and sizes. They come in different materials, colours, and designs, so you will surely find something to suit your mood. From little girls to professionals, there is a place for these comfy pants in your closet just as long as you know how to style them with pizzazz. 

In this modern world where people have a fashion-forward mindset, leggings are no longer considered controversial pieces that show and highlight too much of your rear end and feminine form. This article of clothing is now considered an accent piece since they help show off one of your best assets, your shapely legs. 

These versatile pieces are must-haves to complete your OOTD (outfit of the day) no matter the season. They can be spruced up for a night in town, or they can be dressed down for lazy days at home. Consider the following styling tips below to help you rock those leggings so you can sashay down your office without any worries.  

Pay Close Attention to the Fine Details

For starters, make sure that your leggings are thick enough. It would be a nightmare to wear a thin fabric that lets people take a peek at your privates. Additionally, your underwear matters a lot because you don’t want any VPL or visible panty lines. Since leggings hug your body like a second skin, you are bound to show unsightly garters if you are not choosy with your underwear. 

For best results, stick to thongs, g-string, or seamless panties, so everything is smooth from every angle. You don’t want any unsightly bulges to ruin your whole look, especially when you have a meeting with your bosses.

Select an Awesome Top

Since your bottom half is already well-defined with skin-tight bottoms, pick a looser top that balances everything. If you’re feeling modest, you can select a loose-fitting shirt that slims your body and covers your rear. You can also go with flowy blouses that create movement, which is a contrast to the tightness. 

If you want to keep an authentic professional vibe, a classic button-down shirt is a good choice. During the colder months, you can use leggings with your favourite sweater so you can stay warm and toasty. 

Amp Up Your Look with a Dress 

Who says you can’t pair your leggings with a dress? You can finally wear those short, flirty dresses to your office by putting a pair of leggings underneath. With leggings, you can use your summer dresses and morph them into all-season clothes. Just make sure you pair the combo with the right pair of shoes so that you will look tailored and pristine enough for the office. 

Cap Things Off with a Blazer

Nothing screams professional more than a blazer or a fitted jacket. No matter what shirt you choose, you will look more put-together as long as you add a second tailored layer. If you don’t feel like donning a structured jacket, you can opt for a vest or a long cardigan for variety. The key is to make sure that all the elements in your outfit complement each other. When done right, no one will ever think that your leggings are unprofessional. 

Elevate Your Vibe with the Right Footwear

Since leggings are casual pieces, you have to select footwear that will elevate your office vibe. Tennis shoes are most definitely out, not unless you want your co-workers to think you are headed off to a yoga class. Boots, especially those with heels, transform your leggings from workout clothes to office fashion in a flash. You will look so chic with your leggings tucked inside your boots. 

Heeled pumps are also a great choice, but if you can’t take the height, a pair of ballet flats with lovely embellishments will do the trick. For summer, stylish sandals or even wedges will look great. 

Spruce It Up with Accessories

If you want to shut up all the legging haters out there who keep on insisting that pants can never be part of an excellent professional ensemble, show them that it can be done. With the right amount of bling, you can accentuate your look and be ready to face any conference call. 

Choose statement jewellery like chunky bangles or layered necklaces. All of these will catch the attention of those around you, drawing their eyes away from your bottom half. You can also polish off your look with the right belt and a matching purse. 

Final Word

Leggings are now part of the modern professional wardrobe. If you decide to wear this to work, you must infuse professionalism by working on your hair and makeup. Balancing the casual pair of leggings with coiffed hair and red lipstick will make all the difference. Remember, the world is akin to your runway, so whatever you choose with your leggings, you must strut your stuff with confidence.