Summer Games Done Quick increases more than $3 million for charity

Summer Games Done Quick increases more than $3 million for charity

Summer Games Done Quick, a charity speedrun marathon that was back with an in-person event for the first time in a couple of years, was held between June 26-July 3 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Furthermore, toward the week’s end, when every one of the runs were finished, the event had raised a tremendous $3 million for charity.

The last count was $3,021,310.49, which will all be given to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. At the point when you add that to the $3.4 million that Awesome Games Done Quick raised recently, which went to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, that is truckload of cash individuals are leaving behind to see sprinters really do some extremely cool crap with video games.

SGDQ 2022 was the first in-person GDQ occasion since the pandemic started back in mid 2020, so it was magnificent seeing a live group close by to help/respond to all the activity occurring. In the event that you didn’t get any of the activity yourself, here are a few features. We’ll get going with this staggering Ocarina of Time run, which beats the game speedy, sure, yet additionally accomplishes such a great deal more.

Furthermore, here’s a Pokémon Emerald run that elaborate four-player center, alongside a randomiser that implied each time their Pokémon stepped up, it would haphazardly change into an alternate Pokémon. The outcome was outright confusion.

This is a Super Mario Sunshine run that has ups, downs then ups again before it’s finished.

Lastly, here’s a Yakuza: Like a Dragon run that completed the whole game quicker than it took me to finish two or three the harder supervisor fights.

To see more runs, or simply select one from a game you’re especially keen on, the coordinators have accounts of all of them on their YouTube page.