Supermodel Solveiga Mykolaityte ~ A bewitching persona who shook the world with Her view of  “Distant Quarantine Shooting”

Supermodel Solveiga Mykolaityte ~ A bewitching persona who shook the world with Her view of “Distant Quarantine Shooting”

In Spain, the situation is one of the most critical at the moment all over the world.

You being home quarantined are restricted to go out of your home in any way. Going only to the food store or pharmacy to bring the essential needs and medicines in emergency. To roam around somewhere else without permission if found, you will be caught, as there is police and army everywhere on the streets who can restrict your roaming and shall be liable for fine and appropriate punishments.

This is a story of a sparkling supermodel from Lithuania, Solveiga Mykolaityte ( IG – @solmyko ) who is stuck in Spain while this global pandemic is going on. As a result all her shootings in Milan, New York are suspended because of the all world lockdown so she came up with this disparate idea, which showed the world “How to do shooting in a distance when a photographer is 3538 km away from her in Vilnius Lithuania”.

When in these kind of circumstances where the whole world is in lock down and we have to stay in the social distance far away from each other, anyway we can find a solution on how to not give up and try all.

This time it is difficult as it is completely original, with no contacts of the photos, a real story, emotional nature to show about living in the house of quarantine in Spain.

At this time when she is staying in Marbella city, Spain for quarantine so she knew all the stories of how strong Spain has to be now.

As a pro model, she did a photo session in a distance-quarantine way from her home and home terrace in Marbella. That was a marvellous thought that struck her mind, which helped her to continue with her passion even when the time is tough. Photographer Jevgenij Misevic. He based in Vilnius and shootings took from there.

In this unique working way, the photographer has got great outcomes, the unique tape camera style image using only a video camera, speakers and a computer. An old-time style photo that needs no photoshop, no editing, or any changes to be made. Only real natural emotional stories about our nowadays in quarantine and social distance between people.

A beautiful message from her is – “When all the biggest fashion cities like New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid are having a huge break from fashion.

That now all fashion you have left- is your home only”.