T-Mobile is operating on a streaming gadget using Google’s Android TV

T-Mobile is operating on a streaming gadget using Google’s Android TV

Google’s Android TV platform has been used time and time again by operators, and it appears to be another is going to join the brawl. As prove by a FCC listing, T-Mobile is working on a new “T-Vision” gadget that gives off an impression of being running on Android TV.

While we can’t see the gadget itself in this early listing, the remote is pictured, and it reveals to us a considerable amount about this project. For one, it’s made quickly certain that T-Mobile is building this Android TV gadget for its TVision service.

TVision is a home TV service that costs $90/month and uses a proprietary set-top box to get the service moving on your different TVs through the home. Apparently, T-Mobile settled on the decision to make an Android TV gadget with TVision support so as to all the more likely serve clients who want both live TV and access to services, for example, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and others. Verizon did likewise.

On the remote, we can see that there are shortcuts for the TVision application, a channel guide, and a DVR. There are additionally volume and channel rockers close by the D-Pad and shortcuts for YouTube and Netflix directly above. What clarifies this is an Android TV gadget, however, is the conspicuous Google Assistant button and the home/back buttons that line up with other Android TV remotes.

Past that, as well, the documents likewise uncover that this hardware is being produced by SEI Robotics, an organization with a long history of creating Android TV hardware. That additionally somewhat infers that the hardware here will be a HDMI dongle, since SEI likewise creates the AirTV Mini and TiVo Stream 4K. We’ll need to keep a watch out on that front, however.

It’s unclear when T-Mobile intends to put this hardware on sale, or how it will coordinate with TVision’s pricing scheme.