Beannul Harper Launches I’M ALL IN to Feed Hungry Students in California

Beannul Harper launched a non-profit organization called I’M ALL IN to feed hungry students in California and beyond.

“I just want to help people,” says Harper.

Harper says he was raised to help people, even if it’s in a small way.

“If I can just pay a compliment forward or make someone smile, it’s a win for me.”

Harper’s non-profit organization advocates for disadvantaged students in Los Angeles who don’t have access to food.

It all started when Harper’s son came home from school without money on his lunch card because he had been buying hungry kids lunch.

Harper felt that it was his calling to start his non-profit to help establish lunch programs in schools and in the community.

“Students are like sponges, constantly absorbing knowledge and trying to better themselves. They deserve to be fed and energized. They deserve to learn without wondering where their next meal will come from.”

“They are our future and we need to take care of them,” says Harper.

Harper, who works over 70 hours a week says running his organization isn’t easy, but he’s optimistic about the future.

He says running a non-profit organization is life fueling a rocket ship to go into space. You need a lot of fuel in the beginning, but after it leaves earth’s atmosphere, it floats along by itself.

“I don’t care how long it takes. I’m committed to making sure nobody has to learn hungry,” says Harper.

Harper says he’s inspired to keep pushing because of his kids.

He’s a father of eight and wants to be somebody they can be proud of and look up to in the future.

“They deserve the best,” says Harper.

“All kids deserve the best.”

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Beannul Harper is Feeding Hungry Students in Los Angeles, California and Beyond

Beannul Harper is the owner of the Los Angeles-based non-profit organization I’m All In, helping feed hungry kids in America who don’t have access to healthy and affordable foods.

Harper’s non-profit organization offers lunch support and awareness for kids in need.

Although California produces almost half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, many Californians struggle with food insecurity.

As many as 1 in 8 Californians struggle with gaining access to healthy and affordable foods, and young people make up a large portion of that number.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but one Harper says people have to acknowledge if the situation is going to improve.

With a food insecurity rate of over 11%, something needs to be done to provide young people with healthy and nutritious food.

Research has proven that what you eat affects your brain not only in terms of immediate alertness and concentration, but in terms of overall development.

Harper says it’s crucial to make sure the adults of tomorrow aren’t hungry so they can focus on learning and self-development instead of where their next meal will come from.

Harpers says the idea for his non-profit organization started when his son came home from school with a note that said he needed his school lunch card topped up.

Since this was just the second week of the month, Harper asked his son why he had no money left on his card.

His son responded by saying he had been buying other kids lunch with his own lunch credits because they were hungry.

That was when Harper decided he needed to do something about the situation, and it was at that moment that he launched I’M ALL IN.

“Every kid should be able to eat lunch at school,” says Harper.

Harper is constantly busy, working over 70 hours a week between two jobs, taking care of his family and running his non-profit organization.

He says he loves helping people and sharing knowledge as well as learning from other people.

Harper places his family and community on the top of his priority list and does everything he can to improve it.

“I will go out of my way to help people and I always think about who I can help next. Even if it’s just saying hello to someone or brightening their day with a compliment.”

Harper says he behaves this way because he wants to be a positive role model for his children and the people around him.

Harper is a father of eight: five daughters and three sons.

He wants to lead by example, as he was taught to treat other people with kindness himself.

He donates 35% of his income to his non-profit and says the income for his non-profit is like fueling a shuttle to go into space.

“All the time and energy is like fuel,” says Harper.

If you’d like to learn more about Beannul Harper’s non-profit organization I’M ALL IN, you can visit: