A child needs a good parent figure says Mabelle Prior the Award winning Swiss – Ghanaian Broadcast journalist

Mabelle Prior the Author of Beyond Race says “What a child needs, is good parent figure, not a father figure.”

In Ghana , in Africa, we’re always told “the father figure is all a child needs”. This is Nonsense because many are raised single handedly by their mothers.

The mothers end up giving the irresponsible father’s name to the children because of this societal influence, which is very wrong.

Single mothers Give proudly your name to your child! Don’t let hopeless fathers reap where they didn’t sow.

If your child’s father is an arsehole, tell your child. Don’t say you are shielding him. If you don’t tell him and you misrepresent him to him as a good person, you are putting your child at risk.

You are just telling him that a cobra is just rope.

Tell him the truth. Let him know and deal with it.

Knowledge is power.